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Do not do business with Stephanie Mcbath she is a fraud and will rip you off! She acts as a leasing agent for landlords but keeps your money and doesn't call you back.
Category: Fraud Added: 2014-01-15 12:29:43 Year: 2014 Country: United States State: MO City: Garden City ZIP: 64747

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So funny this popped up. I just posted a complaint against her company. I actually worked with her and she appeared to be honest and always responded timely, but told several lies. Either way, I'd be cautious when dealing with her or her company.
posted on Jan 17 2014 02:28:18 PM

I actually work with her and she had been dealing with shady property management companies. The money she takes in is sent to the manager within three days. You need to call owner of house. SHE AND HER COMPANY ARE NOT A SCAM
posted on Jan 24 2014 11:26:28 PM

She doesn't seem shady, but she has told me many lies for me not to believe otherwise.
posted on Jan 29 2014 05:31:58 PM

This woman is a con artist and a fraud! She seems nice at first, but when setting up appointments would cancel them at her convenience. When actually meeting, she is anything but professional. She has taken money from me and then blames the company she is working for for stealing. Even after being told she was fired, she continued to ask for money. Was contacted by police about her. She has several felony convictions of fraud. BEWARE OF STEPHANIE MCBATH!! She is not only scamming tenants but the companies who hire her!!!
posted on Feb 03 2014 10:16:41 AM

She acts as a leasing agent and has done this with many many companies she has worked for look into it before you deal with her she will take your money and you'll never hear back. There are a lot of companies/property management companies out there looking for her. Don't always blame the company ppl work for look into the person and if you feel uneasy about it call the company because quarenteed she doesn't actually work for them. She's a fraud and need to be in jail. I don't know how ppl can does this and sleep at night. Please people be aware!!!!
posted on Feb 13 2014 01:43:29 PM

*** If you have done business with Stephanie McBath, Stephanie Blaco, Stephanie Elliott or Stephanie Clark, DBA: First Place Leasing. PLEASE contact the Garden City MO Police Department. (816) 773-8201
posted on Feb 19 2014 09:04:40 AM

Its funny how all these people have said bad things about her, she manages my properties and has for many months now and never has taken from my company. She is not what you all are saying she is.
posted on Apr 25 2014 07:28:57 PM

I delt with Stephanie Mcbeth. She told me I needed to put $ down with my deposit for a duplex in raytown and she then never answered my calls or texts again She stole $200 dollars from me and I am contacting the police about her. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS WOMAN.
posted on May 15 2014 07:51:37 AM

This horrible woman obtained my niece's identity information by having her fill out a rental application. She took a $200 deposit and then disappeared off the face of the earth. I can't even find words to express how disgusting this woman is!
posted on May 29 2014 04:51:07 PM

Call the police on her!! She is never going to stop and has been doing this for a long time!! I wish people would look her up before dealing with this! If anyone has a name for the company she is working for her or a license plate number, report it!!
posted on May 29 2014 08:17:00 PM

I would be willing to guess the "people" here defending her ARE her...she didn't become a good con artist by being dumb. She is a POS...I know first hand. If you see her call it in. KC's most wanted...collect the reward folks!
posted on Jul 12 2014 11:54:35 AM

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