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Allegedly, She's still Scamming and doing prescription fraud. I'm praying for her kids. Her son was 4 and still in diapers. Her children's father Jeffrey Glascoe is a bum and locked up for Meth distribution. Praying for the innocent children.
Category: Gossip Added: 2017-10-17 04:57:12 Year: 2014 Country: United States State: MS City: Long Beach

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Drug Addict Mom


Are we supposed to watch out for her cuz she's a bad mom? Lol if she's a snitch or doing bad business post it, otherwise it's a personal thing.
posted on Oct 24 2017 07:49:20 PM

The category says "Gossip" Either sip the tea or stfu lol
posted on Oct 26 2017 09:13:42 PM

For the top comments who said “post it” her Facebook is the proof you dumb duck. Her kids have different fathers. She is unmarried, no college degree, she is LOW CLASS Long Beach trash. Her 2nd child, Jeff’s son was in diapers til he was 3. Why? She was so fuc*** up on drugs(Meth)to properly potty train him. A friend of jeff’s Had to give her money for diapers one time. Broke bit**. Her baby daddy Jeffrey Glascoe has a TON of mugshots online. Mostly Meth possession. He is serving 20 years but I’m sure he will get out sooner. He’s a bum dad. He has kids by two other kids. Stephanie use to buy methadones from ***** who Use to live in saucier. I know ALL of her dirt. I met Stephanie around 2010. She met a homeless dude after Jeff didn’t want her, he moved him in(he could have molested her kids) and Stephanie got knocked up by within 6 months(welfare queen). Stephanie is a joke and she was jealous of me because I don’t have kids out of wedlock and Jeff trying f*cking me on the low
posted on Dec 03 2017 03:41:41 PM

Proof of what? Lol that shes a bad mom? Sorry, my bad, Im actually not here to read gossip. Im here for useful info and didnt see that yours was under the "gossip" category. Not what I'm into but you girlies gossip away. Lol "sip the tea or shut the fu** up"??? Hahaha That must be a gossip girl thing. Lol Jesus what a waste of time.
posted on Dec 21 2017 03:56:23 AM

her 4 year old son was still in diapers. She has no degree.. Long Beach trash.. That dude she had her third baby for will leave eventually.. he’s a hoboSexual. He needed a place to stay.. I know for a fact while hustle was fu***** Jessica (2015) Stephanie was begging for meth and money from hustle while she was with her youngest daughters father.. before she got pregnant.. Stephanie loose as* fuc*** all his connections while he was locked up.. I wonder will her third baby be in a diaper by age 7 lmaoooo I’m so happy I don’t see this trash anymore
posted on Aug 17 2018 11:07:32 AM

posted on Jan 20 2020 12:35:29 PM

hmm.. sounds like you bitc*** are obsessed with ol girl
posted on Jan 20 2020 12:38:55 PM

I bet none of you gossiping bitc*** will say who you are. Go get a job or get a degree. Misery loves company. You probably mad that I don’t want ya stinky *****. This hobosexual ( whatever that means) will beat you like a man. Grow up Be Woman and state your Name. I’ll send you my number if you want to talk about this.
posted on Jan 20 2020 12:43:09 PM

Besides that mind your own ******* business unless you want to let out your animosity. Bring your man. That is if you got one.
posted on Jan 20 2020 12:45:26 PM

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