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Stan Szymczak

Snitch Subject: Dirty fat snatch snitch

plea agreement temporarily made public by accident shows he snitched on close associates and friends, ex girlfriend, and landlord, and still denies it.
Category: Problem Added: 2020-02-18 22:58:40 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: FL City: New Port Richey ZIP: 34653

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Dirty fat snatch snitch


Fu** boy! See you in 5 to 10. Hope you enjoyed the presents.
posted on Feb 18 2020 11:07:57 PM

This nig** is a fag look at his mugshot from the DOC
posted on Feb 21 2020 07:28:47 PM

Doesn't he know what happens to people who lie and snitch?? What a Bit**! He better watch his back because someone will beat his as* and he deserves it!!!!!!
posted on Feb 22 2020 01:44:21 PM

Oh sh**!!!! I seen this fat bit** sucking some black dudes di** behind big lots on 19 in New Port Richey. Damn, This nig*** sucking di** then snitching. wtf!
posted on Feb 28 2020 07:36:06 PM

fu** boi owes me 500 dollars. bend over fatty fatty tuba 4!
posted on Mar 04 2020 06:03:18 PM this is faty fuk bois snitch deal. punk as* hoe fag***
posted on Mar 07 2020 09:20:34 AM

The fat fu** is a rapist. RAPE RAPE RAPE. Wait until the news gets ahold of this story - informant who fooled LEE COUNTY FLA sheriff's office is a fu***** piece of sh** rapist. Mother fuc*** deserves to have his as* beaten and pounded and lee county let's him walk away. He is garbage and he's got an as* kicking coming since the justice system flunked. This assh*** is one of the dumbest people I've met. Congrats lee county.
posted on Mar 14 2020 10:33:52 AM

By the way this pus** must have cried that his plea agreement was made public bc it's gone now..... you fat fu***** bit** with your fatty stretch marks nobody wants to fu** you so you rape women?! I heard you rolled on everyone you grew up with you fuc*** fat hoe
posted on Mar 14 2020 10:37:12 AM

We c u bit** boy. Live from the West Coast nig**. Fraggle rock lookin mutha fuc*** u look like a fuc*** child molester. Snitch. Bit**. Predator. Needle weiner.. We r gonna take that fuc*** fag*** ponytail off ur head and shove it straight up ur fat cracker as* and u r gonna be my little pony. BEYOTCH. We dont play that bit** sh** we live it real punk as* bit**
posted on Mar 17 2020 08:41:48 AM

whos that fat bit** u with kike nose? Which pus** stinks worse? urs or hers?
posted on Apr 01 2020 01:08:51 AM

Look at this assh**** mugshot?!?!?! He looks like the bastard child of Kramer and that Muppet character....
posted on Apr 07 2020 07:07:24 AM
posted on Apr 07 2020 07:12:19 AM

Gringo... da fu** u no bout willow drive nig**. Ugly fu** like u ain't gonna be able to hide u window peepin twink
posted on Apr 20 2020 06:39:00 PM

Saw you on grindr fag***
posted on Apr 24 2020 01:44:35 PM

Adam Gruler! Aaron! OK U 2 owe me $10 EACH WITH INTEREST. WHO WAS RIGHT boys!?!?! GAY-dar POSITIVE 4 for 4! Cheers boys- Aims
posted on May 01 2020 02:12:35 AM

Ridgewood's finest lol this one didnt graduate so doesn't count Aims. But holy chester molester now! lololol. Fu***** pasco county
posted on May 01 2020 07:38:02 AM

Low life coward. Disgusting.
posted on Jun 20 2020 01:31:25 PM

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