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If you see her avoid her and walk the other way. She will think your sleeping with her husband and will go out of her way to destroy your life. I see why her baby daddies around around .. they are right she is fu***** osyco
Category: Other Added: 2018-07-22 00:37:57 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: MN City: Rochester

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Crazy mental nut case


Yes a serial psycho Stacy kildahl/ Nelson she’s ffffed up a lot of families and raised all her children in what is always the next one night stand she can stay with... watch out you may be the next. Wish I could speak to the last postee to share the stories
posted on Aug 01 2018 06:04:22 PM

Stacy Kildahl is beyond crazy. she is one psycho nut job for sure. sad that those kids have to be raised in that unstable environment.
posted on Aug 06 2018 01:03:06 PM

Wish I knew who was posting this. My brother is dealing with her now?
posted on Apr 03 2019 02:19:21 PM

Gold digger. Blackmail. Deceit. Steer clear of her unless you want your life and your family completely destroyed!
posted on Apr 12 2019 07:17:39 AM

Is there a way for me to contact you? I need more info from you!!!
posted on Apr 18 2019 04:24:32 PM

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