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SlurpyDogPussy Jillian Quist

Snitch Subject: SlurpyDogPussy Jillian Quist Cheating w/ Dogs

This Jillian Quist SlurpyDogPussy sure does have some balls!! you are so gone forever now! You thought you were before nahhh. NOW YOU ARE!! NOBODY HAS EVER SEEN SH** LIKE IS COMING!! Yur as* is not cool. We all kno its you bruh same sh** same vids same idiot fag gay lame sh** nobody but you wud ever think of using!
Category: Abuse Added: 2019-12-03 13:57:17 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: CA City: Sacramento ZIP: 95817

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SlurpyDogPussy Jillian Quist Cheating w/ Dogs


Is your ss# 607-28-5668 Drivers lic # D6674981 Lic exp 9/12/22 Issued 6/6/2017 Birth date 9/12/86 Jillian LeAnn Quist Phone num 916-893-9164 Address 281 sharp circle unit #4 Roseville ca 95678
posted on Dec 04 2019 02:30:03 AM

confirmed. That is correct and I go by spiritualist and I role play white my girls out during doggie festivals and DO KNIT PROTECT THEM!!! I'M COMING FOR THE HEAD MUTHER FUKER! WE ALL KNo it's you BRUH! DEAD BIT**! #slurpydogpussy #Jillianquist
posted on Dec 04 2019 03:20:15 AM

#makennaquist and #allisonquist #dumpsterfire your ads fumed up and we all know it's yur as* gay lane same retarded small duo can't make that far who** squirt like a pig in slop as she caused the most severe prob for girls ever the as* fuked up you will see trust that nicca trust that nicca
posted on Dec 04 2019 04:58:48 AM

when will this drug head drop dead? smh.. same dumb cu** posting this sh** over and over. same boring vids. no real entertainment. BORING..... dude noone fukin cares!
posted on Dec 12 2019 12:36:03 AM

Here goes Ryan quist texting and calling and harassing parsons again! Some more! And falsifing sh** to save their sexually demented minds and ryan and Jillian quist ban together as to strengthen their bullshit story. Ryan doesn't even care that jlllian falsified docs to court. Created phony text chats that he has seen and orher bullshit jillian has done to smear Ryan quist name as of right now they are fighting on the same team to create the story to protect their 3 girls and have an out as ti ryan is wrapped up in jillian sexuak provocativeness and jillian is doing. Whatever Ryan tells her ithwrquse she will not be seeing her 3 daughters for a very very long time so jillian has went TEAM RYAN AND WENT COMPLETELY ALL IN ON HER BULLSHIT LIES ABT BEING FORCED....ABT BEING DRUGGED...ABT HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING SHAME....MOCK SHAME TEXT ACCOUNTS... WHATEVER SHE HAS TOO TO APPEASE RYAN QUIST. JILLIAN IS SAME LADY WHO LIED ABOUT KOHL S EMPLOYEE GROPING HE R IN DRESSING ROOM. LYING ABOUT JON MILES SEXUALLY ASSAULTING HER. LYING ABT BEING ROBBE D BY MILANOES PIZZA OWNER WHEN SHE ROBBED HIM OF MONEY WHEN SGE POSTED ONLINE FOR ESCORT SERVICES AND THEN HAD A GOOD FACING HER IN THE FACE BUT COULDNT LEAVE MILANOES PARKING LOT BECUZ HER CAR WOULDN'T START SO SHE CALLED 911 AND FLIPPED THE SCRIPT LIKE SGE ALWAYS DOES...LIKE SHE REPORTED BEING RAPED AND FILED REPORT IN SACRAMENTO CO SAYING SHE WAS RAPED ABD TOOK RAPE KIT. CONTACT A MOTHER FUC*** SAC COUNTY DA. I have the goods and yout as*** are being sued WATCH!! PROSECUTE AND GO AFTER A REAL CRIMINAL IF YOU HAVE SUCH A HARD ON AND THATS JILLIAN AND YES YOU MESSIBG W I T H WRING MOTHER FUC*** AND LAW SUIT IS COMINBG NO DOUBT! KEEP IT UP! ☝
posted on Dec 14 2019 10:00:02 AM

let me tell you what i see tweaker boi... what i see is nothing but short vids of jill reading a script you created for her to say while you record it so she would get more of your drugs. what i see is a drugged out meth head that made bad decision to hang out with a loser dug seller which turned jill out , prostitited her and made her do illegal things and YOu recorded it all as blackmail and revenge material if she ever decided to leave said tweaker boi, who is also the same dumb fu** that has made several accounts acrosso the net, such accounts as pornhub, zootube, twitter, reddit and many more. Tweaker boi pretends to be neighbors, strangers to the subject which posts responses to tweaker bois posts. Tweaker boi pretends to be several reddit accounts he made himself, to have other gang up in his fight to ruin jill. Tweaker boi made several twitter accounts under different names all pretending to be knight in shining armor fighting against beast crimes when in fact its there to post the vids tweaker boi recorded and use them to revenge jillian... hey tweaker boi.. all the pages have been screenshot. saved. even the ones where you talk about things you want in return or you will keep posting your vids. The things she took when she left! Also have the screen shots of oriental girl you did similar too a while back when she so called "cheated" on you. so you posted sex vids of her as well cause obviously you just cant seem to take rejection so you do this to everyone you want to controll.... at some point dummy, you will end up arrested or shot or beat the fuk up so bad that you wont beable to type ever again. so.. keep on posting.. we will kep saving screen shots... to be honest you arent even doing a good job at this.. if jill let you record th edog fuk her... maybe post that on a decent website rather than posting jealous videos of your cracked out buddies fuking her and stupid bullshit edits you created... noone fukin cares.. only ones wathcing is dudes waiting to see if any beast vids are going to be released and us.. the ones screen shotting every thing... for entertainment son... watch yourself... cause we are wathing you.. close! you slip up once and let us find out your location.... game over...
posted on Dec 15 2019 08:44:16 PM

Director Laurie Teague at Bridges Inc. Sacramento & Jillian Jones FU** DOGS Bridges Inc. STARS Program #1 Bestiality and Doggy Sl** Jillian Jones is #1 916-910-5115 ! Sacramento Residents need to be careful!! Warning!! Jillian Jones will fu** your dog and your husband and really fu** the sh** out of the DOPE PIPE! STAY AWAY!!
posted on Apr 13 2020 05:37:11 PM

Is this Jillian Freaking Quist? Maiden name Jones I believe. Went to San Juan Highschool with her and now she fuc** dogs+No FREAKING WAY! DAMN. TO BAD FOR HER. AND HER KIDS.
posted on May 28 2020 12:41:17 AM

Jillian Jones is my therapist counselor Forbes my rehabilitation towards getting my children back and it's been many years since I haven't had them and I'm seeing her at Bridges Inc and I've recently come across a lot of stuff online that has me concerned I mean what does she draw the line this woman seems to be very bad I can't believe she's a an addiction therapist when she's addicted to dog and disrespecting everything everybody across the board this company needs to be looked into. Jillian Jones commits crimes against and takes advantage of people or subhuman species that cannot defend themselves as they don't have the capacity to such as bestiality against animals and just overall disrespecting people and punking and disregarding your own children and performing acts of bestiality while you're pregnant and talking about your children on porn videos that's a bad sign!!**-slurpydogpussy-k9/ This is #TheGreatHymenRemovalist Ryan Quist the TastyJizzBomb. Ryan likes to play #HymenAndSeek. It's HideAndSeej with a TWIST! ITS ALL ABOUT THAT HYMEN IN DADDY DAUGHTER KINK INCEST ROLE PLAY RYAN LIKES TO DO WITH Makenna Quist in role play porn vids him.and Jillian Quist aka Jillian Jones the SlurpyDogPussy do and Ryan gets that Hymen and Jillian throws that name of MaKenna out there and smears it all over the universe! Real great parents! and of course we all know Jillian takes dog di** and she took dog di** while she was pregnant with her son Beau Thomas and she likes to drone her pus** all day everyday all dicks!! Makenna Quist was KINK INCEST DADDY DAUGHTER'd right out from underneath her HYMEN BY A REAL WEIRD DUDE WHOM GOES BY THE MONIKER TASTYJIZZBOMB aka #TheGreatHymenRemovalist or simply Ryan Quist. Makenna Quist named was whore'd out by her own mother Jillian Quist aka Jillian Jones the SlurpyDogPussy and Jillian threw her name all around while making PORN VIDEOS and talking about MaKenna fu***** Ryan Quist her own Dad with some Role Play sh**. Complete Doggy Garbage as Makenna said and obviously that's how Jillian feels about MaKenna and her Baby Son Beau Thomas because she fuc*** with dogs while she's pregnant and she called her daughter's name out on porn videos so obviously she thinks they are garbage!! WORTHLESS DOGGY SL** FOR THE TEST OF TIME!! MARK IT BITCH!! Jillian Quist Jones Cheated with Dogs and got Caught!! CRIMINALLY CONVICTED FOR BESTIALITY IN 2019 IN SACRAMENTO CA Go see Addiction Counselor Jillian Jones @ Bridges Inc Sacramento CA if you are ADDICTED TO TAKING DOG DI** IN YOUR WORTHLESS SH** OUT PUS** LIKE JILLIAN IS!! This is a play on hide-and-seek but this is #HymenAndSeek it's in game that was originated by Ryan Quist aka TastyJizzBomb & it's a kink incest daddy daughter Hymen roleplay game that's played but no worries everyone it is roleplay only well at least we think it is but...DOUBTS ARE THERE!
posted on May 28 2020 02:51:20 AM

same dumb crack head ex bf posting the same dumb boring bullshit.. dude stfu... youre a fukin loser... noone cares what you think or say.. ki** yourself
posted on May 28 2020 03:36:12 PM

Ryan is into KINK INCEST DADDY DAUGHTER ROLE PLAY and likes to TEAR, STRETCH, RIP, TUG, PULL or whatever however that HYMEN!! And YES RYAN QUIST LOVES INCEST WINCEST...the best flair for him!! Ryan Quist likes kinks like everyone else. To each their own. He likes 2 Kink incest daddy daughter ROLE PLAY & stretch tear rip the little girl during what he calls " HYMEN-and- SEEK"! There r always accidents & it's always more then just a little stretch but that's okay BECUZ it's just ROLE PLAY! Jillian is in massive doggy heat and prostituting again but unsure of details besides MASTIFFS and Great Danes in Roseville and Sacramento have come up missing and Bridges Inc. is in turmoil over Jillian Jones as DogPoundersNetwork is behind Jillian Quist TastyJizzBomb DronePussyDoggySlut Ryan Quist likes kinks like everyone else. To each their own. He likes 2 Kink incest daddy daughter ROLE PLAY & stretch tear rip the little girl during what he calls " HYMEN-and- SEEK"! There r always accidents & it's always more then just a little stretch but that's okay BECUZ it's just ROLE PLAY!.. This #HymenAndSeek game is a link 1ncest daddy daughter role play game that Ryan Quist came up with so he could fake play or not with Makenna Quist and her Hymen but no worries everyone it's just ROLE play or IS IT???!!!! HMMMMMM. RYAN QUIST IS THE #TASTYJIZZBOMB SO WHO KNOWS AS RYAN QUIST IS A REAL WEIRD DUDE AND INTO CUCKOLD AND BEING TOLD HE IS WORTHLESS & HAS A TINY CO** BY JILLIAN QUIST Ryan Quist is an active convicted sexual predator we need to have all proper intelligence directed towards him and him only as this is a heavyweight takedown this is the tastyjizzbomb this Top 10 Most Want Sexual Deviant according to North American pedophiles and bestiality mongers Daily Daily and Top NotchMedia and this sicko daddy daughter kink incest Hymen Stealer Hymen ripper hymen disappear Hymen stretcher Hyman gone Hyman bye-bye no more Hymen and we need no more Ryan! All agents please convene and go vertical procedure tactical plans and tackle takedowns as it's more probable than not that an arrest warrant will be issued and this will be a very fluid throughout the evening throughout the night and into the leaving and coming days please community Northern California southern California the whole world this is one of the great sexual deviants of our time and we are really close to apprehending him. Ryan Quist and Aylin Bayramoglu and Jillian Quist are all now nto #foreskinANDseek #TheGreatForSkinRemovalist and this is with his own....Sorry Miss Jackson BUT THIS IS FOR REAL! RYAN TINYTINY WORTHLESSONE I's now into son and father kink incest roleplay and he is beyond himself and beside himself and he is just not himself as Jackson's penis is three times bigger than his father's and Ryan is fit to be tied and his clock is like it's been tied its whole life!
posted on Jun 06 2020 09:27:05 PM

***Doggy Heat Broadcasting Alert System** If this is a true emergency so you hear the BARK BARK. IF this was knot a true emergency you would knot hear a BARK BARK you would hear a MEOW MEOW. SlurpyDogPussy is on the Prowl in Placer and Sacramento Counties!! Jillian Quist is in DOGGY HEAT! Fu***** doggy heat's all over and this bit** has taken all sorts of things not only dogs. We know about the crap below that I've seen online a million times but DOGGY HEAT!! Check out Thomas Kaity (@CuckoldStinks): Bridges Inc Addiction Therapist Counselor Fuc*** Dogs while Pregnant Bridges Inc Addiction Therapist Counselor Fuc*** Dogs while Pregnant Bridges Inc Addiction Therapist Counselor Fuc*** Dogs while PregnantVanna Sweets or Vanna Vit aka SlurpyDogPussy or Jillian Quist and now going by Jillian Jones. I’ve seen her many times off of sites she posted Ads on. Redbook. Backpage, Craigslist, EroticMonkeys etc.Always a great time with Vanna and KNOTTYRUFFTIMES AND TONS OF METHAMPHETAMINE. Jillian is still doing prostitution and posting ads but she is also an addiction therapist now at Bridges Inc but she still is addicted to dog di** and partaking in bestiality and the such even though she was convicted for bestiality in 2019 4 fu***** dogs while she was pregnant with her son and shes still doing porn videos and not sure if she’s talking about her daughters Makenna QUIST and Allison Quist and throwing her daughters names out there on porn doggy videos but I know Ryan Quist the #TastyJizzBomb Stinks is still into his kink incest daddy daughter Hymen roleplay and now he’s doing foreskin stuff son father Kink Incest roleplay with someone me Jackson child as his kink thought with the boys ForeSkins but Tastyjizzbombt s a real weird dude and his wife Jillian says it r the me and time ABD TIME AGAIN ON PORN VIDEOS!! !!And truly a SEXUAL deviant!! Roseville CA resident Jillian Quist now going by Jillian Jones was convicted of Bestiality in 2019 in Sacramento CA. Jillian had Sexual Relations while she was pregnant w/ her Son Beau Thomas! There is video evidence as well! Unbelievable!!! SHOCKING!! Jillian QUIST aka Jillian Jones has sexual relations with dogs and does not respect dogs boundaries or any kind of living organisms boundaries and violates dogs and violates the trust that she should be giving her kids and her newborn son while she’s having sexual relations while she’s pregnant. Bridges Inc. Addiction Therapist Jillian Jones is FACT ADDICTED TO DOG DI**!! BE CAREFUL PET OWNERS JILLIAN WILL FU** THE SH** OUT OF LIL FIDO!! Jillian also set up and framed her baby daddy and told him to come back and then she had it set up where she already filed a police report with false information so when he came back he was arrested on the spot under lies and it was all a frame job. A snitch that gives false Info and lies to build a case that’s the worst you know what that means yeah not good and yeah this isn’t going away ! #jillianquist #jillianjones #slurpydogpussy #kkatchernsac #makenna Source: Bridges Inc Addiction Therapist Counselor Fuc*** Dogs while Pregnant 916-917-8349, 916-893-9164, 916-547-6631, 916-450-0700, 916-910-5115, 916-888-6418, Jillian Quist aka Jillian Jones #JillianQuist #JillianJones #BestialityMonger #SlurpyDogPussy #SlurpyHorsePussy #RyJillian Jones, Jillian Quist, SlurpyHorJillian Jones, Jillian Quist, SlurpyHorsePussy, slurpyDogPussy, DronePussy,
posted on Jul 06 2020 04:05:54 AM

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