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Sierra Lynn Riddle

Snitch Subject: Looks can be deceiving

This girl is a lying thieving manipulative scandalous individual. She has a poor kid named Landon #teamlandon that has leukemia ;/she uses him to manipulate people to get her own way. She is known to have fundme accounts to get people to feel sorry for her and to pay for her efforts in activism which you don't need money to do.She is known to use that money to live on as she don't work.She is also known to take donated meds for Landon and has been known to sell them. She also just recently went on trial against caregivers to change a bill for her own personal gain lying in the courtroom and judging caregivers when her herself has been acting as one and has been even shipping it in the mail and getting people busted! The Feds let you ship stuff from Colorado when you get in trouble and bust people in the illegal states for more time.She didn't even seal the package!This is not the first time beware! She thinks she can use all this attention to her advantage from a poor lil boy! Her own son! Don't let this fraud manipulate you or get you busted. She is a known heroin addict and will do anything for attention or a hit. And it's her poor son who is the real victim here. No boy should have to go without his mother but an unfit one is just as bad...or worse...
Category: Fraud Added: 2015-05-20 13:39:22 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: CO City: colorado springs/ denver

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Looks can be deceiving


She's now teamed up with the the UK's equivalent scammer. Caroline Ann Wilson aka Callie Blackwell she's defrauded a charity of £50,000 claiming it was for a children's hospice!
posted on Aug 01 2021 05:40:00 AM

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