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sent many to prison
Category: News Added: 2014-05-12 18:05:19 Year: 2004 Country: United States State: NE City: Fremont ZIP: 68025

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he's a snitch


thats a lie!!! Hes the LAST person that would rat on anybody. His own brother who is infatuated with a known snitch, amanda godina...posted that in revenge for sean telling ppl about his fat as* snitch gf!
posted on May 21 2014 10:11:17 PM

I agree Sean would never snitch, fat as* godina has been working for tri-corp and fremont police for quite some time now beware!!!!!
posted on May 24 2014 10:53:24 PM

Yeah Seans a good dude, Amanda is a filthy snitch bit**.
posted on May 25 2014 06:07:49 PM

In my opinion, neither Amanda or sean r snitches. someone had nothing better 2 do with their time than slander someone with whom they had a grudge with. grow up ppl.
posted on May 25 2014 10:17:26 PM

posted on Jun 02 2014 06:05:15 AM

Seans on paper
posted on Aug 24 2014 07:08:53 PM

seans in the news paper for some bullshit he didnt do, but whoever said hes on paper you are full of sh**
posted on Sep 04 2014 04:59:02 AM

I know Sean he is a good dude, one of the best I know, don't believe this sh**!!!
posted on May 17 2015 08:16:44 PM

AMANDA GODINA IS A FUC*** RAT, so your opinion doesn't fu***** matter. You're a dipshit. YOU go on THIS website to READ about "people slandering other people" and u tell US to grow up?! fu** off. you should ask for a noose for xmas, ya stupid fu**. fu** u. godina is a god damn RAT. her name on so much paperwork , Dewy Decimal gave the fu** up on life. Again, go fu** yourself. BUT SEAN ZUERLEIN is NOT a rat so anyone that says that PROVE THAT SH** i don't believe it.
posted on Jun 28 2016 01:19:06 AM

FURTHERMORE, Amanda Godina can't even make a fu***** doc visit with any docs around here, bit** was referred to a scientist. Doctors can't help her, the diseases shes got from A to M working on the rest of the fuc*** alphabet, man! Disgusting who**. Just fu***** gross, man!
posted on Jun 28 2016 01:21:36 AM

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