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Sean Michael Campbell

Snitch Subject: Ladies Watch out for this creep

Women all over southern California Please watch out for this guy, Sean Michael Campbell, He's about 32, 6ft. 160lbs, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, tattoo of a black rose on hid leg and some on his shouldersand chest. He's a homeless drifted, will claim to be a combat vet but u have verified through his exwife that he actually did a bunch of meth and got a DUI 6minths in and got a dishonorable discharge, shameon him. He is a total narrscasist (sp?) steals, a pathological liar, he have general herpes so BEWARE he will our and say he's had a vasectomy but he hasn't! He says that so he can avoid wearing condoms. He is an alcoholic and meth addict. He will become physically abusivewhen he gets mad and then call the police and file a report against YOU!! STAY away from him, he's NO good at all. Very charmingat first but you will shortly after regret trusting him cause he has no pride and no shamehe will take you for e everythingyou got then punish you and blame you. He goes be.tween Low Angeles, san Jose, san Diego, vasalia, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, las Vegas and minden Nevada
Category: Fraud Added: 2018-04-26 15:10:27 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: CA City: southern CA ZIP: 90401

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Ladies Watch out for this creep

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