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Sarah Palin opposes abortion and opposes the use of birth control pills and condoms, even among married couples. Many women may feel insulted by this choice by McCain, which could be the worst selection by a major party nominee for President in modern times.
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Worst Pick Ever?


That's just one point. The McCain campaign has sent a team of lawyers to Alaska to begin the vetting process that they apparently didn't do before choosing Palin as VP.
posted on Sep 05 2008 05:52:35 PM

Isn't it obvious that she's trailer trash.
posted on Sep 05 2008 05:53:01 PM

Of course she doesn't believe in birth control. Look at the number of kids she has, not to mention she's a grandma, made by her 17 year old daughter.
posted on Sep 05 2008 05:54:56 PM

The Republicans are only interested in winning, which is why they picked a woman, hoping that she would steal Hilary votes. They should have just went with Hilary to truly show how McCain is willing to reach out to the other side for the sake of our country. That would've certainly secured his presidency.
posted on Sep 05 2008 06:02:56 PM

She's in no position to be criticizing anyone. I found it ironic that she was attacking Barack Obama on having no experience. Say what! And you do? Go have another kid.
posted on Sep 05 2008 06:06:38 PM

What has happened to our standards? This is the best McCain could come up with?
posted on Sep 06 2008 01:07:35 AM

Hilary sucks!!
posted on Sep 07 2008 03:45:43 PM

Palin is hot compared to Hilary.
posted on Sep 08 2008 01:42:08 PM

She's a GILF and a VPILF.
posted on Sep 11 2008 04:43:56 PM

Abortion is wrong you dumbasses but I don't agree with her opposing birth control.
posted on Oct 17 2008 07:39:27 PM

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