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Sara Ann Sanders

Snitch Subject: Crank whore/prostitute

This ska** sells her body for money and drugs. She sats she is in a relationship, but had unprotected sex with my ex while we were together.
Category: Vent Added: 2018-05-26 19:19:18 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: CA City: Antioch

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Crank whore/prostitute


Heroin and crank who**! Drunk as* who** hope she gets what she has coming soon.
posted on Jul 04 2018 09:28:00 AM

So fu***** what se slept with u man.he obviously Jade More funciona withher than be do u.u Must be as miserable informaciĆ³n bee as Sound. Ahora wants 2 fucki unhappy as bitter Bosch. Look in tve mirror lame If u did u job se World Noticias have 2.
posted on Aug 12 2018 02:23:43 PM

Do you speak english? I don't comprende your lingo punk
posted on Aug 13 2018 12:34:12 PM

This hoe is a serial side bit** and will do anybody. She slides off all the "homeboys" Knack
posted on Aug 15 2018 03:02:58 PM

So what coward p ut this up without putting your name on it? It takes two to tango. You're obviously still with him so who's the stupid one. This must be some new way to handle sh**. Got a problem , find her and handle it one on one , not like a coward online
posted on Jan 12 2019 06:18:41 PM

Hoe hides. So stfu lame as*
posted on May 24 2019 04:48:40 PM

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