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Ska** as* who** 50+ kept fu***** my man after he went to her for just sex AND EXPLICITLY TOLD HER THERE IS NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT THIS IS JUST SEX! (Like a physical porn) Anyways, Her dumbass agreed... THEN she decided to follow him around like a psycho & eventually threatening him, she even popped into his work all weird like, didn’t say her name just came in and asked for him and left... fu***** wtf??? She also started claiming she wanted to commit suicide and that she was going to expose him and ruin his life if he didn’t pay attention to her. Long story short he just wanted something without strings and got tangled in a web of lies and deceit... that’s what pissed me off the most were the lies not the actual sex part, because I’m 100 with my sexuality I know it’s not the problem, it was the actual lying that tore me up and THIS ska** as* old ho KNOWS about me, and our SON and yet she still chased him around claiming she didn’t ask for this but she’s sending him psycho texts and then telling me other sh** when I eventually called her out THIS BIT** IS WACK.... anyways she’s a nasty skinny old thing.... an easy LAY...she rode him with a condom and he got to bust a quick nut... BFD.... NOWthat I know EVERYTHING... he’s not afraid to finally tell her to FU** OFF!! Plus she was always drunk and weird....almost like fatal attraction type sh**.
Category: Adultery Added: 2019-05-26 23:34:25 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: OR City: Portland Seaside Long Beach

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Homewrecking Who**


And yet YOU look like the dumbest one of all because you're still with the assh***. On here bashing the woman when she's not the one who made a commitment to you... He is. Lol That's right, keep bashing her so you don't have to admit your still with a cheating lying di** who WILL do it again. Wait and see how much good it does you to bash her but stay with him. Lol You're not very smart are you?
posted on May 30 2019 11:31:20 PM

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