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This worthless bit**, lies,cheats and steals! Does anything to get what she wants! Call the police on her daughter in law! Had to get restraining order against her!
Category: Abuse Added: 2019-07-19 00:39:54 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: IN City: Tell City ZIP: 47586

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Narcissistic Bit**


She has use social media to degrade her step son and wife! She so hateful! While her second husband was dying she stopped everything he had a sold it hid the money and five mths later she married his newphew! Walk out on her kids while still babies! Him off a her 92 year old mother in law! Betrayes to be one of God but works for the devil! Pure evil!
posted on Jul 19 2019 12:45:54 AM

Don't work! Use anybody for her own gain! Stay away from her! She try to take what urs
posted on Jul 19 2019 12:47:43 AM

This bit** is
posted on Jul 22 2019 06:22:33 PM

Who**, homewrecker, sl**, she got on social media and told ppl she was fu***** her step son to hurt his wife. Try to get her to ki** herself because Sally Voyles is old, fat, ugly. Try the family against her step son. That family is trash.
posted on Jul 23 2019 05:12:13 PM

When her step son was getting married she couldn't deal with it do she done anything she could do to stop the wedding knowing his wife was sick with cancer and copd. She wouldn't let his dad go to the wedding. But she carry a Bible preaching God name.
posted on Jul 23 2019 05:14:42 PM

She let her son drive away knowing he was going to ki** himself because she walk it in him while he was a child. Hit mad because he came to her step son house for help .she even told her dil that she was going to ki** her over her saving hi firm death. Only reason she stay in the family was to get her MIL money
posted on Jul 23 2019 05:28:31 PM

Sally Voyles, turn in her husband bff only off jealous .Thry wouldn't give her any Meth. Not only is she a selfless bit**. Her hubby got cancer could 0f got it remove but she had a fit and made him pills to keep his di** hard. Rather get fu** then save her hubby. Maybe she a black widow .
posted on Jul 26 2019 01:53:09 PM

This family is nothing but
posted on Jul 28 2019 09:00:57 AM

Most evil family. Murder, abuse, lies, steal, cheats. I could write a book on the eventsi seen this family do. I use to. Just love that family until Sally mistreated a family matter. She the ring leader . They follow her not God. I can't wait until she takes everything they have. Stuip dumb as* pal. Trusting the devil.. LMFAO. His kids don't have much to do with him. The stories I hear. Dan he needs to be in jail.. Mommy bonds a loser our..
posted on Jul 29 2019 12:35:29 PM

I seen her posting on topix about her family especially her step son and his wife. I went to her history it was her using other names calling out her family. I lost all respect for her. She told me she wanted that bit** out of her life and didn't care how.
posted on Aug 17 2019 12:27:18 PM

I never seen such horrible stuff this family done to a family member. Talk bad about everything and everyone in the family. Especially the wife. Sally her name devil her gain. They hate on the step son wife because she a good soul and can see right through them. I glad she finally put restraining orders against them. The tormented her to the bank of losing her mind.. Way to go Bed.
posted on Aug 19 2019 04:44:08 PM

It took all I had one nite at the bar . I overhead Sally just cutting her step son wife back she was in a bad car wreck. Telling her how ugly she was without teeth and her hair had to be cut so short. Sally her in tears and continue to cut her back as they walk our I grab bec and gave Sally a look that i could of slap the f out of her. But the last time I seen bec she still a lot prettier than Sally I use to think Sally was the if the best thing that happen to that family she ended up being a devil. Took her old MIL for everything she had one day out if the blue Sal call me telling me about their new house, she was living next to his mom. How they finally put her name on the bank account. How excited she was to gain so much. Then let it slip if only she could get his Mom to take her grandkids out I'd the will more money for her How she turn the family against the oldest boy. She was going to force them to take hi. Out with the excuse is he not going to be a part if our family. Until he comes to his since that his wife is never welcome and he needs to be one of us. Next she stated the youngest boy next. I do that same thing to her and she leave..
posted on Aug 20 2019 08:32:34 AM

This stick in my head how bad they did Becca. One Xmas Sally call her told her what to get the family for Xmas. Sally wanted a tablet every thing they wanted wasnt cheap. She got them what they wanted and took it up a few days before Xmas. She went up on the day they did their thing. Sally and that whole family treated her like sh** . So Becca was drop off at her dil house nobody was time do her hubby took the Xmas stuff out 9f his truck and put them on the porch and left her. All those sonofbitches wanted was the gifts . Keep her ol man until her family Xmas was over then he show up. They cost her a black eye Only got her junk stuff I know she all by herself bought those for them.
posted on Aug 24 2019 01:14:47 PM

Sally is no more than I lying piece of trash. If she thinks going in topix n lying about not leaving her kids everybody knows she did. If she thinks we r believe 1 word out of her mouth she not too clever. She was a bully, after the last post a good family I'm still laughing. Bit**, you was just a looser in Voyle's town. She was smart enough to see the hate, evil in u ppl. Go away Sally she doing great.. Jealous Much always was always will be..
posted on Oct 04 2019 02:36:58 PM

Becca wasn't the only one this bit** has mistreated over her step son She hates on any one that looks , Acts , better than she is. That bit** is jealous of anyone that the family cares for. But with her being a narcissist bit** she makes life so hard But of course everyone knows the family hates her bad, they only put up with her because of her decent good hubby. I over heard his mom talking about how she would mistreated her when no one was around.
posted on Jan 21 2020 02:21:51 PM

Sally is so fu** up n in head n has that family being as fu** up as she is! She put herself on Zoosk s dating site when she got busted she told the unedcation family I put her on. Then they to convince the smart ppl n they put her in her place since couldn't tell the truth so she blame it on her hopefully ex if he not that fu** up. But he not to smart either dummer than she is.
posted on Apr 23 2020 12:47:43 AM

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