her husband Mike was taking care of her lazy as* and his 2 boys from day 1. He was trapping and took care of his family and saved a lot of money doing that. She didn't want for nothing. one day she caught him smoking meth out back and she went on the warpath, but never left him and continued to ask for that dirty money and spend it. One day he left to go reup and she called him complaining about the kids and how they were driving her crazy and she wanted him to come get them. She kept pressuring him and that pressured bust a pipe. he broke protocol and drove from muscogee county to harris county to get the kids BEFORE stashing his products. When he got to the stop sign off the ramp. A marked suv was approaching from the right side of the bridge and would not pass was waiting for him to pull out in front of it. When he decided to proceed to his wife's declared meeting spot, he pulled into the gas station and that's when 6 cops swarmed in and blocked him in. An unmarked suv pulled up and a detective was eyeballing the car. He approached and tried to yank mike out while he was asking what they stopped him for. he felt he had the right to know. Subsequently they found the sh** in the trunk and he was arrested. He got charged with distubution, manufacturing and possession. Amazingly she wasn't calling his phone to ask where he was or what was going on. When he got out on bond he checked the phone records and saw two calls from harris county sheriffs office around the same time he was leaving to come get the kids. Now u know that bit** snitched. She wants all this money in the divorce...check this out. She tried to keep his moms new van in the divorce hearing even thought the van is in his moms name! Mike got fuc*** over because the judge said he had to give her the van (even though it wasn't his) or pay her 3k to get a new one. His mom gave her the money. Aint that a bit**. Did she not think that if he went to jail he wouldn't get child support or alimony? or that because hes a vet, he would lose his retirement benefits and the health insurance that covers her and her kids once they found out he is in jail. Wish my boy good luck in court yall! They tried to get him to snitch and be an informant and he kept his mouth closed on his supplier so they dropped everything down to possession. Somebody sees this heifer, thump her skull.
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