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Ryan findley

Snitch Subject: Crime

This scrub will steal from his own. Lies. Steals, cons He has tons of charges but no punishment, big time snitch
Category: Fraud Added: 2018-02-06 12:53:57 Year: 2016 Country: United States State: SC City: Greenwood

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Lie til he die niggah. Will roll on anyone. Steal from his own fam. Walking std giver. All in print if u check his record
posted on Sep 18 2018 09:35:54 AM

Bet none of y'all pus** motherfuckers will say it to his face though. Get those teeth knocked out quick.
posted on Jul 01 2019 01:06:13 PM

I'll beat his fake as*
posted on Jul 07 2019 05:27:07 AM

Aye he one nasty fuc*** up looking little homo. Like to get busted so he can suck co** while locked up.Easy to get out when he snitch on big.Wins prize for most STDs given in 1 year. Fuc*** up looking coc. Little fuc*** cant go 1hour without lying
posted on Aug 21 2019 02:47:57 PM

Huh ? who won't say to his tweaked out lying as*. He weigh like 105 and most that his ears and sores on his peker. Who scared of a homeless skeleton suckin di** and stealin ur sh**. He gotta a good one comin his way
posted on Aug 21 2019 02:57:28 PM

Aye not worry mon. Dis little boy gone away for long time . We make it happen. Dis little mon be someones bit** realz soon he be takin it just to survivez in place he going. Lol
posted on Sep 26 2019 01:14:29 PM

Hahee hee my homie been layin wit his girl and he got all his sh**. And it was a bunch of sh** but he say his old lady waz da sh** whike he humpin and pumpin her face until she pukin. He gone share dat dime
posted on Sep 26 2019 01:19:42 PM

He will steal from family. I am family and we try avoid him. None of is claim him. He is are dirty family secret.
posted on Feb 24 2020 09:48:11 AM

His brother a cop. He works for them so he dont serve time. Bet
posted on Jun 28 2020 09:49:12 AM

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