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Rusty McHenry

Snitch Subject: Dirty Cop snitch turned junkie

Set up all his friends when he was a dirty Cop then set up multiple people for the police out of hotels.
Category: Problem Added: 2017-07-18 14:32:08 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: NC City: greensboro

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Dirty Cop snitch turned junkie


whoever put this Bullshit on here doesnt know the truth. Rusty didnt snitch on anyone. The SBI lied to me and made me think he was talking when he wasnt. I am the one who screwed up over 16 years ago. I wish I could go back and know what I know about law enforcement now. They were already investigating Hege's undercover officers because of a package intercepted from Wyatt Kepley to Scott Woodall. so the cops knew enough to make me think that Rusty was talking, they told me that whatever I told them would help Rusty, and that Rusty was talking. All along Rusty had been in another room and had not said a word. so Rusty wasnt the snitch everyone thought he was, it was me, and there were mitigating circumstances that if I had to be in that same position today, I would do things completly different. Its funny that whoever posted this has to hide behind a masked screen of secrecy. since you know so much about my husband, please grow a pair and call us out in the open, so we have a fair chance to defend ourselves. There are always 2 sides to every story. I hope you find more meaningful things to do with your time, that write a Tattle tell note on something that happened so long ago, and you obviously know nothing about. have a nice life!
posted on Sep 04 2018 06:17:52 AM

Also, all those "COPS" who were supposedly set up, we're actually "DIRTY COPS" already under investigation, it was just a matter of time. So let's all accept responsibility for what we all did. I started the snitching by mistake. I was young and really had no idea that law enforcement could lie or stretch the truth to get you to say what they want. I still did it, Im sorry and I hate it. But some people involved in this case want to still blame everyone else, or try to get kids to beat up my kids. I mean a grown man telling a little girl to fight my little girl Everytime she sees her is just a coward, who can't look in the mirror and see himself for what he is. At least my husband was man enough to protect me and his family by allowing the public to blame him for something he didn't do. Rusty McHenry is more of a man than any of you know, and I have more substance than all the cowards who won't even type their name to a SNITCH site. Funny thing is that when you were a cop, you worked undercover so guess that makes you a snitch too, huh?
posted on Sep 06 2018 02:11:33 PM

This is such bullshit! Still today it pisses me off to read this crap. Whoever this intelligent person is, can type 1 sentence!
posted on May 02 2019 07:35:37 PM

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