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Well this man has lots of power to manipulate the media and scare off FBI agents from investigating him and his uncanny officers. Without any Ethics Commission Sevier County is doomed for more corruption. Thanks to the rich that run this county. Fat Boy will he and his goons ever go to jail? Most of the county officers mock citizens and use the Bible to avoid lawsuits. Gay activities are allowed up at the jail. Lawsuits have doen little to curb corruption.
Category: Wanted Added: 2008-11-14 15:06:52 Year: 2007 Country: United States State: NC City: Asheville

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bad cop


I hate crooked and/or bad cops.
posted on Dec 07 2008 06:12:36 PM

Ron Seals, Mike Voncannon, JJ Breeden, Judge Rader, and Police Chief Don Meyers are all dirty. Can't believe that fat idiot Seals has so many people fooled, prob not, they just want the money and he has access to it. WTF
posted on Apr 19 2010 05:31:22 PM

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