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Robert McKinnon

Snitch Subject: Stolen Artwork

Buying and Selling Stolen Paintings and artwork.
Category: Crime Added: 2014-12-10 10:04:45 Year: 2004 Country: United States State: MA City: salem ZIP: 01970

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Stolen Artwork


He is infatuated with very young girl across the street. Robert lives at 65 Buffum Street, Salem, MA 01970. She was way too young for him. He claims he had sex with her. She was 17 years old at that time. His words: " Every time I see her, She drives me crazy". He can't seem to control himself either. Pervert, and gets Porn at 7-11 on Bridge Street. He is a Scumbag!
posted on Dec 10 2014 10:10:51 AM

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