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habitual drug offender; also known as Matthew (DOB: 02/15/1971 Warren, Ohio; blond hair, blue eyes, muscles, tats, 6', 180 lb.); has at least 6 felony convictions for methamphetamine / cocaine in Santa Monica, CA and Venice Beach, CA in the past 3 years (2007 to present). Where Matthew goes, THE POLICE FOLLOW! if you choose to do business with Matthew, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!
Category: Crime Added: 2010-08-31 15:56:35 Year: 2010 Country: United States State: CA City: Venice Beach ZIP: 90291

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This pos beat my mother and broke her back. She was paralized waist down for three months and she recently comitted suicide because of her constant pain and disbelief. He is a rapest. He drugs women, beats them, steals from them. Ive talked to 2 other victims of his. This is an evil man. He diserves the death penalty.
posted on May 19 2011 07:23:24 PM

Really? What was his latest offense?
posted on May 22 2011 06:36:00 PM

This man is a freakin pyschotic, drug addict, lier, user, cheater, thief. One day his time will come.
posted on Aug 23 2011 07:51:51 PM

Ive known Robert since he was 14. And he will never change. He is a lier,user,cheater,thief,drug addict. He used me back in 2006 when he was jail in Texas.And when he got out is when he headed to California. Hes been in trouble all his life and will til his day comes!!!!
posted on Sep 11 2011 01:05:58 PM

He married some girl in California and beat her. She finally got smart and left his sorry, no good, cheating as*.
posted on Sep 16 2011 10:45:25 AM

You've known Robert since he was 14?.......I've noticed that people like that often tend to go by other names, or aliases.  Did he have any? Well anyway, I'm not argue or disagree with Anything Anybody's had to say about him so far because--I knew him too for a brief moment.......And I actually have my own first-hand experience of being Terrorized by him on a couple of occasions........And Oh, by the way--did I mention I'm a Black Male? Beyond all that, I Am still a regular Regular guy.  And I actually consider myself pretty smart.  However in 2006, because of my seemingly Poor judge-of-character, I allowed in a "Bad Roommate" in Marina del Rey.  And from that point on, my life spiralled into a drug-fueled craze, until I finally found myself getting Evicted for the first time in my life............Then I was Homeless,  and living in my car in Venice--and I was Still using............And THAT'S when I wound up meeting Robert randomly in the Marina----(He wasn't the "Bad Roommate".) For sure, Robert is a Full-on HUSTLER through & through.  That's what he is, the correct terminology:  A HUSTLER.......And although I sympathize & empathize with all of his victims & his victims' families--THIS part I'm not even gonna TRY to get anyone to understand.  But I'm gonna say it anyway....... If Robert were Gone from us today--I would actually be very, very Sad.......When I leave this earthly plane--I will feel more Complete, from having had known him........Most people are only aware of his Dark Side, but I got to know a deeply-tortured & Haunted man full of WILD Contradictions. When he sometimes flew off in a Rage at me--(and I never knew when That was gonna happen)--it was usually over something stupid, and I could expect to hear "NIGGER!" Shouted at me--even from a distance!----But then he'd calm down & feel Genuinely BAD for what he did--and he'd still usually want me around anyway.......(And THEN came the night in Hollywood, when Another "Fed-Up" Daughter of a woman he was "involved with" at the time--started calling Him a "WHITE Nigger!" & was Loudly Shouting it at him in the open neighborhood while he was walking away.......I felt a TREMENDOUS sense of Ironic Satisfaction in that--because I had never thought of him as a "White Nigger" before--and yet--I couldn't Disagree with this poor girl!) Robert needed me to "drive him around" everywhere & I'm no idiot, I Know I was being Used in that regard----but he would also "Reward" me in various ways for doing so--because Now he considered me his "partner".  And even when there was Nowhere to go, he wanted me around anyway--just because *I* had nowhere to go. And speaking of (and None of you are gonna believe this), but he actually had a HUGE, HUGE Heart when it came to the "Homeless Community" that was based in Venice & extended all the way to Santa Monica.......He seemingly knew EVERYBODY & Everybody knew him, and he was VERY Protective over them.  And That's when I could see--he WANTED to be a Good Person.  And this was his way of "giving back"!.......(But, Unfortunately, he was treating These people a lot better than the women he Hustled & Abused who actually HAD a roof over their heads.) And when I knew him, he had all his Hustling Moves down, but FINALLY when he started letting his Guard down, That's when I could see a genuinely vulnerable person who was struggling with a lot of demons.......He once admitted to me how guilty he felt about what he was Going to do---and it would involve some woman in Texas, or Nevada I think. And I also found him to be surprisingly very funny when he wanted to be.  So after all of this--I Do believe him when he felt bad about punching me in the face several times.  Just because I wanted to hang-out with somebody else that day..... And I suppose for a Hustler, this all had to be very confusing for him.  For a long while in the beginning, I'm sure he was wondering What Kind of Con Am I Running on Him?.......But there was no con.  I wasn't looking for anything really & THAT was the confusing part--because EVERYBODY always wanted SOMETHING from him (whatever it was), and he usually played that role. That all being said--I believe Robert finally figured out that I was the first Real friend he'd ever had since he'd been out to California & it took him a while to process those feelings.  And in the end, I believe he had learned some things from me that he wouldn't have learned from anybody else--and I know For SURE I had learned some things from Him that I NEVER would have learned from anybody else. 
posted on Oct 23 2011 04:51:58 PM

He sure got you fooled, man. Matthew has no friends. He does everyone the same. An equal opportunity abuser. He'll pat you on the back with one hand and be pickin' your pocket with the other. However, you speak a true testament to his violence. He beats up men just the same as he does women. Anyone who thinks to let him in their home, I suggest that you ditch all your valuables first, including cash, checkbook, credit cards, atm cards, jewelry, watches, gold, diamonds, silver, silver coins, guns, knives, cell phones, digital cameras, electronics... you get the idea. And don't just hide stuff somewhere in your house. He will find it. Get a bank deposit box. Or, better yet, take your stuff to Fort Knox while you entertain him. If you think he is your friend, if you think he is your soul mate -- think again. He is doing nothing more than scoping out what you got and what he can get from you, all while sweet talkin' you with that southern drawl of his. In addition to being violent and irrational, a meth addict, a convicted felon who has spent nearly half his adult life in prisons and jails... this man is a master thief. FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED! In the end, if you are able to walk away from Matthew just severely beaten and robbed, consider yourself lucky.
posted on Oct 24 2011 02:08:13 AM

Again, I'm not gonna disagree with the overall picture that was just painted up above.  HOWEVER---I never said he was my soulmate.  I Did say (and will say again) that an "Alliance" was formed, and then something of a Friendship developed from that within a very short--yet very Intense period of time.......But none of it came easy.......There were many different extreme dichotomies going on all at the same time:  He was a White, drug-addicted career criminal who was out Hustling & prone to violence (and prone to racist remarks).......I was a Black, regular "working man" who had recently become drug-addicted AND homeless.   But I was an easy-going, likable person.........He NEVER had me fooled.  I ALWAYS knew he was a Hustler.......(Ummm--how could you look at him & Not know?  But then again that must've been my "trained eye" that spotted it right away.)   But anyways--truthfully, the situation was more like Him constantly flip-flopping in his mind trying to figure Me out.......He thought I Must have been trying to Hustle HIM in some way & he was trying to figure that part out........I didn't really "want" anything from him.  (I'm straight, so I didn't want his body.  I wasn't interested in doing any "illegal transactions" with whatever items he was "acquiring".)    However, we Did do a lot of drugs together & That's how it all started.  Then eventually the questions of Loyalty & Trust DID come up again & again--because I AM a Trustworthy & Loyal person, therefore I EXPECT THE SAME FROM THE PEOPLE I'M CLOSEST TO.........And THEN came the times when (against my better judgment), I Let Him drive off with my Car someplace.  (And I would secretly Panic if I felt he was taking Too long coming back)---and there were times when he would Repeatedly ask me if he could "utilize" some (expensive) property of mine Asa form of "leverage for a transaction".......I would repeatedly tell him NO (and I meant it);  but later on I would realize---he would have access to the things I said No to anyway..................Guess what?......He always came back with my car----and he never took any of my things........And by the time my family YANKED me out of that homeless situation to come stay with them in Florida & Dry Out---I can comfortably say that he & I WERE partners & Had formed this Crazy & Unlikely Friendship that SHOCKED THE HELL OUT OF HIM TOO, 'cause he wasn't expecting That.........Just as much as he was tremendously effed-up & full of demons & "made his living" as a Hustler---when he FINALLY TRUSTED ME--(and he DID finally relax enough to let his Own walls down)---the truth is--he just wanted somebody to trust in Him Too, believe it or not----(A Tortured & Conflicted & Drug-Addicted Hustler, who just wanted to be Trusted......Wrap your head around That one)...............And keep in mind too---I don't know how recent all of your experiences with him are but---My Experiences with him were only for a 6-month period in 2006.  (About April to October).   But obviously this was a short period five years ago that continued to have a lasting effect................When I came back to SoCal from Florida after I had gotten my act together about 7 months later---yeah I thought about him for a while.  Wondered how he was doing.  But it wasn't until *2009* that I actually got up the nerve to seek him out.  And the reason why it took that long is because--I didn't wanna allow myself to be sucked back into that Life again (and he was VERY GOOD at doing JUST THAT)........IRONICALLY (however), the Only way to seek him out & know where he was & how he was doing--was to check & see if he was in JAIL or in PRISON!   And there Were three separate occasions when I Knew that he was----and on one of those occasions, I Did work up the courage to go visit him up at Wayside near Magic Mountain.   And he was VERY SHOCKED to see me!..............At this point there was really nothing I could do for him, except just talk.  So we Did have something of a "heart-to-heart" convo--in which I had a few unanswered questions, and he did reveal some things to me.............1) When he KNEW he had possession of my Car & other valuable things back in 2006---HE *WAS* TEMPTED & *DID* STRUGGLE WITH THE IDEA OF HUSTLING THOSE ITEMS ANYWAY, even though I clearly said NO--(He felt these Impulses because Hustling is what came naturally to him)........But in the end, he did NOT---and that's why he always came back with everything of mine.......(HOWEVER!  If I were "somebody else" though)..............2) As a "Man of the Streets", he's not used to Apologizing to Anybody for Anything---so he didn't really wanna talk about those times when he Terrorized me.......HOWEVER, he admitted that he never would have "Hurt Me Really Bad"...................But 3) (and most important)---he admitted that he never really had like a--"True Friend" before that he could recall.  So ABSOLUTELY, for a long while in the beginning I WAS Effing His Mind Up, filling it full of Confusion & Conflict, because he didn't know--(or just didn't Remember)--what "TRUE FRIENDSHIP" felt like!---And all I was doing was just BEING MYSELF.............(And anyone who's ever been Victimized by Robert Matthew Gill can EASILY say that--by him calling me his "one true friend" more or less--is just another Hustle or Con-----To Those people who were RIGHTFULLY TRAUMATIZED & VIOLATED by him, I would have to apologize & say that Unfortunately---They didn't know him like I did.......I was let in underneath the "Hustler's Shield" & I could see more of his Psyche & Soul than most others did)............And finally--(and this is gonna piss a LOT OF PEOPLE off, but)----I AM NOT SAYING THAT ANY OF HIS VICTIMS DESERVED WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM--NOBODY DOES----However, his Rationale was--he never really made it a Secret what he was, or how much drugs he used.  All of his Victims Knew what he had to "Offer"--because he "offered it", and all his Victims Accepted it........If a "good-looking stranger" puts the moves on you, and somewhere inside yourself--(and Not Even THAT Far Deep Inside), something is telling you "This Situation Is Just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE"--(and for the most part, HIS VICTIMS *DID* FEEL THAT EARLY ON, because they were All OLD ENOUGH to KNOW BETTER)---then that's what his Victims should have done was Heed all their own Warnings........His Victims *freely & willingly* let in a smooth-talkin' Vampire with a Southern drawl, who looked a helluva lot like Sawyer from "LOST".  (But his Victims KNEW he was a VAMPIRE nonetheless--even if they couldn't peg him as a CON MAN just yet, like Sawyer)............His Victims allowed a Scorpion to rest upon their backs, while they were swimming from one side of the Deep Lake to the other--(that they KNEW was a SCORPION!)............So when his Victims inevitably get BITTEN or STUNG by him---how could they say they did not see THAT coming??..............Now let's go even farther Closer to the truth........Let's just say, if he had 10 Victims---about *8* of those Victims were DOING HEAVY DRUGS WITH HIM AT THE TIME!!.......However all *10* would know he was heavily in to it.  In fact, I recall back in 2006--he would periodically stay with some woman in Santa Monica.  And this woman would FIERCELY DENY-DENY-DENY EVER doing ANY kind of hard drugs with him.......And this finally started to PISS HIM OFF, because she Continued to Deny it--in front of ME!  By this point, I was very close to him, so he didn't want her lying to me anymore about the fact they ALWAYS SMOKED METH TOGETHER!!---(For him, it was ridiculous to keep denying it;  but for ME, *I* understood that this Continued Denial was coming from a place of Shame & Embarrassment--ESPECIALLY since this woman had a college-aged Daughter who was Already HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS of him & wanted her mother to just KICK HIM OUT!)    See, I understood all this---even if SHE wanted to continue Denying it--even to Herself!.................Now, like I said, I figured I would be pissing off a whole lot of people by saying all that---because it sounds like I'm "Blaming the Victim".  HOWEVER----I feel that if a woman dresses provocatively, because she's feeling Sexy, and she winds up getting raped--that is not her fault.  She wasn't inviting ANYBODY to take advantage of her like that..........Although, HYPOTHETICALLY-SPEAKING, if a woman freely & willingly invites not one, but Two men up to her room--for the sole purpose of having Sex with the both of them Together---and everything's going really good & fun at first---but then things start getting really ROUGH & the woman gets Brutalized---it would be very difficult to say that the woman shouldn't share in at least *part* of that responsibility herself.  After all, this IS "the Lion's Den" that she freely walked into upon her Own Accord..............Now, I DON'T WANT TO CONFUSE ANYBODY into thinking that this HYPOTHETICAL THREE-WAY SITUATION EVER HAPPENED!  It didn't!  I'm just trying to illustrate an ANALOGY to the Level of DEGREE--of what it's like to be "involved" with him........For a woman to freely engage in Sex with two guys simultaneously seems EXTREME & out-of-the-realm of what's considered "Normal".........Well, the same could be said for a woman who freely engages in that Hard type of "FUN" with Robert Matthew Gill.........In Both cases, the woman will ALREADY KNOW going in--that the Experience itself will be VERY INTENSE, with the promise of Pleasure being JUST as Intense----However if things suddenly turn Sideways---the woman really has nobody else to blame but HERSELF for being Victimized by him in some way.
posted on Oct 24 2011 04:08:36 PM

You even think that matthew thought of you as a friend..another of his cons that worked..and to actually put the blame on the woman that she knew what she was getting into with have no idea the depth of the games he can play..btw..i know of you black man, i know of the girl in santa monica, i know his wife.. unfotunately i know matthew too well..matthews mind is conniving and he is bad news...last seen looking for a pawn shop with womens jewerly..wonder where or stolen from whom he got it...such a loser ..prob needed more needles..
posted on Dec 16 2011 12:51:01 AM

Listen, I haven't gone back & read through those last two Long-Ass Novels that I wrote earlier, and yet---I still remember saying (repeatedly) at the start--that I'm Not disagreeing with you on all the bad things he's done--all the bad things he's done to himself--and Especially ALL the bad things he's done to other people.............I just wanted to illustrate a couple points. 1) You say--"You even think that matthew thought of you as a friend..another of his cons that worked".............Now see........PLEASE forgive me for the following I'm about to say. I don't know how this is going to come out--but I can't think of any other way to put it. But really I'm just being Honest...........I hear your words there--but what I'm Really hearing is---"Anger"---"Vengeance"---"Bitterness"---"Despair"........Each & every single Feeling you have every RIGHT to Feel because of him. (Don't forget. I was one of his Victims too---on More than one occasion)................But in that one line you wrote up above---I'm also hearing----"Female".............You Are Female, correct? See--Matthew & I related to each other in a Different way----because I'm Not Female...........In Matthew's mind, if you are Female--you are Immediately subject to one of his Games. But that's not to say he didn't Target Males as well---(just not as much). And for Sure, when I knew him, he had Programs runnin' all over the Beach Cities AND Hollywood AND The Valley AND in Other States...........And how do I know all this?----It's because within time, he ultimately Trusted me enough to let me "Inside"----and at the time he wasn't Trusting anyone else. (Well, as far as his "Business" was concerned anyway.) And I can honestly tell you--just as an Observer of his Games & who he did it to-----He didn't treat ME the same way................... You see a Monster. And you want to Warn everybody about him--well I TOTALLY Get That because he Is Dangerous..................*I* see an EXTREMELY-Flawed, DARK *Human Being* who wound up losing his way well over 20 Years ago--and he never found his way back........He's Addicted & repeatedly gets strung-out on Drugs--Then when he is "coming down", OOOOHHH That's when you REALLY don't wanna be around him--because he can go from Zero to RAGE in 2.4 seconds.......Otherwise, on his Exterior, he is Cocky--he is Charming when he wants to be--he utilizes his Looks--he's Very Funny--and he Appears strong because of his physical shape..................However All This is just to MASK his Interior.......Matthew is actually Very Weak on the Inside. And oftentimes Vulnerable and Scared, and---Haunted..............So when I was able to See all those different sides of him that he kept hidden away from most others---I knew I wasn't being Conned............But then again, Actually---I don't know HOW he could've Conned me in the First Place!......I ALWAYS KNEW HE WAS A HUSTLER FROM THE MOMENT I MET HIM---(and I'm Surprised that many, many others couldn't See that right away for themselves).........And on Top of that--for a long while there in the beginning, Matthew thought *I* was trying to hustle Him----because he had Never met anybody like me before & he was always trying to "figure out my Angle"----so Who I Was as a Person just wasn't computing in ANY of his "Precalculated Programs"...............[Sorry, Matthew. No con job. No angle. No hustle.........just me] :-) And finally, 2) You say--"and to actually put the blame on the woman that she knew what she was getting into with have no idea the depth of the games he can play"..................HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! I believe I have a pretty good idea considering I was his "Business Partner" at one point..........And really---Matthew is Not That Deep. He actually seemed like a pretty BASIC Hustler to me at the time.........No Elaborate Lengthy Con Jobs. His needs were fairly simple: Food, Drugs, Money, Drugs, Sex, Drugs, Drink, Drugs, "Property to Acquire", Drugs.......Companionship........Drugs............And like a Shark, he just kept moving around On & On looking for ALL those things......... .................And when Matthew finally landed at the homes of all his Female Victims----you think he was Sober all those times?............You think his Female Victims weren't Aware of his VERY Habitual Drug Use?.........And if they WERE Aware----why didn't they just kick-him-to-the curb then?.....(Or at least wait till the evening was over & Matthew was gone Before telling him never to come back)..................But Nope! His Female Victims never kicked him to the curb---in fact they continued to Provide him with a "Safe Haven" at Their homes where Matthew could stay---(whenever he just magically popped into town).......................And Matthew was Always High on something.......ALWAYS!!..............So you think he stopped Using whenever he stayed with his Female Victims?.................Or were his Female Victims all Using--Right Along With Him.......... I don't know if I said this before or not, but I remember when he stayed with a woman in Santa Monica during 2006----and the woman continually SWORE UP & DOWN to me--and to everyone else for that matter--that she NEVER USED DRUGS!---Especially Meth--(which was Matthew's Drug-of-Choice).......And the more she openly denied it to Me--the more Matthew would get pissed at Her---BECAUSE HE WANTED HER TO *FINALLY STOP LYING* & just TELL THE TRUTH for once---at least to ME anyway................Now if Matthew were such a COMPLETE Monster--then why did he care so much that his "girlfriend" kept lying to ME about her Drug Usage--and it was bugging Him?.........[Who Am I To Matthew To Make Him React This Way Anyway??]..................Could it be that Matthew wanted this woman to stop lying to his HOMIE?!?............Is it possible? Is it possible that this--MONSTER--actually Does have a SOUL after all?? .............Matthew's Female Victims, for the most part--Became victims---out of the CIRCUMSTANCE of PARTYING WITH MATTHEW GILL ON AN ALMOST *NON-STOP DAILY BASIS*!...............And remember when I said--"Then when he is 'coming down' (off of Meth), OOOOHHH That's when you REALLY don't wanna be around him--because he can go from Zero to RAGE in 2.4 seconds"?................Who's usually around him when he's coming-down HARD off of Meth? And who then winds up getting "Victimized" by him to the point where 9-1-1 has to be called??--------Could it be the OTHER (Female) Meth Addict he's been Partying with for the past few days? Just sayin'.....................It's Horrible that someone wound up committing suicide as a result of him---(was it the Meth Addict-in-Denial Woman I've been talking about who lived in Santa Monica)? But I'm sorry!---I Still firmly believe that in the end---his "VICTIMS" must ultimately *SHARE* IN THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR OWN VICTIMIZATION BY HIM!!......(I Did! And look--I got over it)..........What, you think these "Victims" were totally Innocent themselves?? THEY KNOWINGLY LET A VAMPIRE INTO THEIR HOMES!!.........(Albeit a Vampire carrying a little baggie of CRYSTAL METH!)
posted on Dec 16 2011 08:46:31 PM

Anyone who thinks to let Robert Matthew Gill into their home, I suggest that you ditch all your valuables first, including cash, checkbook, credit cards, atm cards, jewelry, watches, gold, diamonds, silver, silver coins, guns, knives, swords, cell phones, computers, laptops, digital cameras, electronics... you get the idea. And don't just try to conceal them in your own home. Make use of a bank safe deposit box, a storage locker away from your property... anywhere he can't get to. Ladies, all of Robert's drama is to get you off guard in order to steal from you to feed his drug habit. He doesn't love you and he never will. He can't. His first and only love is methamphetamine. FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED!
posted on Dec 18 2011 08:25:20 PM

posted on Jan 09 2012 10:49:29 PM

Oh my. Are we supposed to be impressed that you know Robert/Matthew better than anyone else? How pathetically sad that you are so inclined to make this declaration. What there is to know...isn't even worth knowing.
posted on Jan 14 2012 09:27:44 PM

THANK YOU! Couldn't have said it better myself!!.....I would Never make that declaration & then Smear It in people's faces--as if "Knowing Matthew Gill Better than ANYONE ELSE" were some Badge-of-Honor........All *I* was trying to convey was--in that brief-yet-intense period in time, I was able to UNDERSTAND Matthew Gill (from the inside-out).
posted on Jan 17 2012 06:34:03 PM

NO WAY! It's not really you......
posted on Jan 29 2012 12:19:39 AM

........or, not really Him I meant.
posted on Jan 29 2012 12:22:37 AM

Give me your number... Ill text and call you... Sure would just love to know where your at.. If thats really you. I dont believe it is. But if it is.. Love ya !!!
posted on Mar 22 2012 02:10:38 PM

It was him.
posted on Apr 09 2012 01:04:38 PM

If its really you, Then you call me... I have a few things to tell ya... 330-272-8317....LisaP
posted on Apr 18 2012 04:40:28 PM

Well my message isn't as threatening, but Matthew.....How do I get ahold of you?......I wanted to talk to you about something that's Legit.
posted on May 13 2012 04:58:17 PM

My email addy (for that above message) is
posted on May 13 2012 05:11:12 PM

Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over But had me believing it was always something that I'd done And I don't wanna live that way Reading into every word you say You said that you could let it go And I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know Now you're just somebody that I used to know..... Somebody, I used to know.... Now you're just somebody that I used to know....... Somebody that I used to know I used to know, that I used to know....... Read more at
posted on Jul 26 2012 01:26:40 AM

I hope you rot in hell Robert Matthew Gill. Remember sportilori
posted on Jul 29 2012 12:09:42 AM

My mom wasn't a Meth head. She was trying to get him to stop and he beat her and left her paralyzed for dead after trying to wake her up by blowing dope up her nose
posted on Jul 29 2012 09:08:48 AM

Well that's horrible. And I'm sorry your mom endured that & you're still enduring it.
posted on Jul 31 2012 09:52:59 AM

I don't know where any of you people{?}learned how to waste your time and energy on all this negativity! You all sound like a Bunch of Judgemental Back-Stabbing Hypocrites. We have been given free will and It's up to each and every one of us to be a positive example what happens to us in life is what we make of it.. Do any of you seriously think what you have written could possibly benefit you or is it that you haven't realized this Man who came into your lives for some a minute, most of you a couple months and for some maybe a few years, has given you something very valuable. Learn from it. Look at yourself..are you Perfect? No one is.
posted on Sep 08 2012 10:40:31 PM

R.Tamara- I know you are a woman by now but in my head , you remain a child. This is why I have found it hard to be honest with you about the way things really were between me and your Mom...she was my friend and I loved her. I am not trying to take any of what your feeling from you because I understand...and me, your Mom, you and the good Lord, we know what was the truth. Do not waste your life on hatred. It isn't what she would want, and it will not bring her only rots you from the inside out. Let that memory rest and quit living it over snd over. Take care of yourself young lady. OK....Dean- due to my abhorent additude towards snitches....I wont tell anything that I know about you. I now think of you as the vicarious criminal, your rthe type that will reap what others sow. In other words, you cant ask someone to pick up the clean end of a turd. NOTE TO SELF*you were the driver when I was doing the things I did that you reaped the benefits of. Ask yourself if that makes you feel any better or different than me? I would love to address everyone I have ever hurt in my life in the temaining the truthundeuuunderstand....and me , your Mom, you and the good Lord
posted on Sep 16 2012 11:45:04 AM

For those of you truely innocent, you are few and far between, and you know who you are. I will not ask forgiveness but i will tell yu that im sorry in more ways than youlle ever know. I wish you all the best. The only repayment i can offer you is to let you know life has been hard, but im tryin to change. Its not an enxcuse. For the rest of you, there are many kinds of shark in this world, you shouldnt waste ur time being mad cause youre not thw biggest and i get bit constantly. Ive never ben perfe
posted on Sep 16 2012 11:51:46 AM

Ct and i cant offer any payments for debts owed but i do wish for yu a life where i am no longer this impprtant, and im truely sorry. And yes, this is me
posted on Sep 16 2012 11:54:05 AM

I don't waste myself on hating you. The good lord will carry out your punishment then you'll have to face everyone you hurt including my mother. Rot garbage!
posted on Sep 20 2012 12:33:50 AM

"NOTE TO SELF*you were the driver when I was doing the things I did that you reaped the benefits of. Ask yourself if that makes you feel any better or different than me?".........Matthew. Now did I Say I was any better or different from you?......P.S.: You're absolutely Correct about me being the "Vicarious Criminal"--and for sure, I was living out the fantasy. But this was a period that lasted no more than 3 months, during the summer of *2006*!.......And obviously something about you stuck with me, 'cause here we are over 6 years later & if you noticed--I Had been trying to do my best to DEFEND you in these little "Novels" I had been writing on this page........You're a Human People that was caught up in a bad situation--but I FOR ONE saw the Humanity in you during that time......With all the negative things being said about you now--I think it would be a BIG Surprise for people to know that you were a HUUUGE Defender of the Homeless Population yourself in that area & you had a lot of Love for that "family"......You took good care of them & I never forgot that! :-)
posted on Oct 06 2012 10:24:05 AM

Yo dean sup!
posted on Oct 13 2012 03:09:35 PM

Yes its me hammerhead!
posted on Oct 13 2012 03:11:23 PM

Yyyyep!! I remember, buddy. You ain't all bad........Remember the last time we hung-out, your bicycle was stolen & being kept onboard some repainted schoolbus--and we drove around & drove around that Entire area until he Found that schoolbus & those punks who were keepin' your bike......?
posted on Oct 14 2012 01:04:04 AM

Robert Matthew Gill Birthdate: 02/15/1971 Gender: Male Race: Caucasian; EYE CLR - Blue; HAIR CLR - Blonde; Ht- City: Houston County: Harris County State: Texas Case Number(s): #128827001010 Conviction(s): Guilty Conviction: Criminal Confinement/Domestic Violence/Assault Bodily Injury -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Partners Please bookmark this page. Our new URL is The intent of this website is to contribute to the prevention of domestic violence of women, men and children across the United States. The records contained within this database are derived from actual court documents. All records are a matter of public record. IMPORTANT REMINDERS: There are many persons who share like or similar names. In order to avoid misinterpretation of any public record, a concerned party should request a copy of the case file from the courts which will provide more identifying information. All criminal conviction records including orders of protection are public records which are compiled by the courts in each county, state by state. Contact the county's court house directly to verify all information. The information on the Registry refers only to violent offenses and may not reflect the entire criminal history of a particular individual. A complete public record of criminal history can be obtained from any State Police Bureau of Identification. Additionally, a person not appearing in this database does not preclude them from being a domestic violence offender. Although we try to make our information accurate and useful, you should consult a lawyer to interpret and apply this information to your particular situation. Information is not the same as legal advice – the application of information to an individual’s specific circumstances. This site does not provide legal services nor legal advice. We are not lawyers and we do not take any responsibility for rashes, financial ruin, or anything else that follows from applying this information. Information compiled on this Registry may not be used to harass or threaten offenders or their families. Harassment, stalking or threats may violate criminal laws. If your conviction has been expunged or overturned on appeal, please use the Contact Form to inform us of this change. If you have any further questions, please contact the National Domestic Violence Registry directly. Home | Programs | Offender Registry | State / Law Enforcement Partners | College / University Partners |About Us | Safety & Intervention | Contact Us Copyright © 2011 | The National Domestic Violence Registry, Inc. | All Rights Reserved if only some of us would have known....registered with the NATIONAL fuc*** registry...
posted on Apr 05 2013 04:35:07 PM

sometimes I miss him...then I remember what a douche bag loser he was and how awesome I am...then i'm like...nahhh, I'm all good and having that feeling makes it even that much better...
posted on Mar 21 2014 11:54:07 PM

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