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Robert Matthew Gill

Snitch Subject: early jail release

LA county inmate records show matt was arrested 4-13-12, sentenced to 180 days but released 7-6-12, why only 73 days served? where is he at?
Category: News Added: 2012-08-26 22:26:15 Year: 2012 Country: United States State: CA City: Los Angeles

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early jail release


You obviously haven't got a clue to what is happening to Robert.
posted on Sep 08 2012 09:48:57 PM

Inform us all then.....
posted on Sep 20 2012 12:49:56 AM

Perhaps this Quotation will help....THE PAST; Is what has already happened in your life. You can write a book about it and read it everyday. It's a History book, you can't change it. THE FUTURE; Is a mystery. TODAY; Is a gift. That's why it's called the PRESENT. Be Grateful for what life gives you.. every day when you wake up think of something you can honestly say that you are truly Thankful for. And write it down in your journal.
posted on Sep 24 2012 02:54:13 AM

if only quotes could take away the deep emotional scars left by this man, if only gratitude could keep us from looking over our shoulder, if only thankfulness could erase the gut wretching sick feeling when we answer the phone and he is there, if only writing in a journal could take away the panic and fear when we think we have seen him....why don't you give us a PRESENT and share with us what is happening TODAY with Robert/Bobby/Matthew/Matt...we would be grateful and then you could be thankful that you did and you can write it down in your journal....
posted on Sep 26 2012 12:40:04 AM

He just got released June 2,2014.Hes back
posted on Jun 05 2014 05:11:13 PM

How do You know?
posted on Jun 07 2014 04:52:06 PM

Why do you ask? The way people talk about him on here. He isn't well liked.
posted on Jun 09 2014 10:26:29 AM

.......'Community Awareness'.....If he isn't well-liked by people on here, then in lieu of creating a 'Panic' with 'He's baaack'---how about stating how does one Know he was released on June 2nd?
posted on Jun 24 2014 09:45:00 AM

posted on Jun 27 2014 09:54:52 AM

I picked him up.
posted on Jul 15 2014 01:54:43 AM

Who are you? That must be why he didnt want me to pick him up. Fuc*** liar told me he had nowhere to go and no there for him when he got out. You tell that prick to call me. BTW, This is Lisa. He knows the #. God knows he called enough while he was locked up. Tell the Prick he wont fuc*** fool me again. But I was just being nice and helping him out. He really had no reason to lie to me. And tell him I could still use some of the good deals he was gunna hook me up with after he got out. What a Fuc*** joke!!
posted on Jul 24 2014 08:08:48 AM

I can't believe he'd lie to me and I never once asked him for a thing. We've know each other since we were young kids. Way back before he even thought of getting trouble with law. But I guess people do change. But ya just dont sh** to a good friend over 30 some yrs. But then again we are talking about Robert Matthew Gill!!!
posted on Jul 24 2014 08:40:33 AM

What was he in for this time and where is he now?
posted on Aug 31 2014 12:28:40 AM

Drugs, And in California still I guess.
posted on Sep 23 2014 09:25:41 PM

Matthew-Quit calling me and not saying anything or at least give me the pleasure of hanging up on you before you can even utter the second syllable of the lie you will be saying.
posted on Nov 29 2014 01:21:27 AM

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