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My house burned in January, 2007. The cause of the fire appeared to be an electrical problem. Completely reasonable considering the age of the house and the poor wiring. However, about a month later, there was arson on my property! Someone used an acccelerant and burned a non-running 1989 Chevy Berretta in addition to vandalizing a vacant mobile home. This lead me to believe that the house fire itself might not have been accidental. I had someone in mind but didn't pursue the issue because I wasn't certain. Sheriff's Dept arson people were involved with the car issue. The alleged "Good Samaritan" who came forward after the house-fire and declared she was "going to build (me) a new house!" never intended any such thing. Yes, I received clothing and some household items, but all the donated appliances, furniture and funds were retained by this person. I'm very gullible. I didn't foresee becoming a pawn in a scam. When I finally began to suspect, I contacted the police who told me that only the people who donated goods were harmed and only they could file charges. Law enforcement would not investigate. It was up to me to contact people. Only the samaritan had the records. A few weeks later, this person told a giant whopper! in front of witnesses! The gist of it is that her "cousin" had stolen the donated funds from the bank account, disappeared, and abandoned her car (which was found with blood in it!) and the FBI was investigating. She didn't expect me to call the FBI to check... but I did. I spoke with an agent in the Austin office. He was interested in the lack of concern by local law enforcement. I have received no feedback or help from either agency. Not enough money involved to justify the time I suppose. The trouble is a difference in perspective. Little to a giant is huge to an ant. There is a LOT more to the samaritan story. Given what I know firsthand about the mendacity of the samaritan, I'm sure all kinds of horrible tales have been told about me. Believe what you will. The samaritan claims she can get away with anything because she has a "friend" in law enforcement. Par for the course in Williamson County, Texas.
Category: Crime Added: 2011-09-15 11:07:09 Year: 2007 Country: United States State: TX City: Taylor

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