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Raymond "DEAN" REECE

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Met this dude PERSONALLY in D'ville a year ago at a apartment complex...one of coreys "associates" Very shady and a major Hater. This nig** is divorced twice, and under the age of 30. 3 kids by two homely looking women..He is Originally fr Gulfport( doubt u will find anyone whose koo with him anymore, He steals, smokes dope,and snitch to biloxi PD about the clr....if you live by this guy he will try to break in your shit..car or house. He likes electronics(Game systems, laptops, jewerly etc) so be careful ....He has a BM name Jeskica, maybe Jeannie...something with a J, but *Alledgely* she got a train ran on her before his second child was born.. Bryce who works at the Michael's in Ocean Springs...
Category: Crime Added: 2016-12-03 21:05:13 Year: 2014 Country: United States State: MS City: Gulfport, Ocean Springs, ZIP: 39503

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Con Artist/ Thief/Liar


Lmaooo I know his 2nd wife...she works at a sh** cashier job and had to move back in with her mom.
posted on Dec 12 2016 11:24:08 PM

Omg I use to work with this dude at the casino. He did mediocre tattoo work. I don't know anything about ex wives and divorces but I saw with my two eyes he was on the front page of a newspaper for drugs some months back
posted on Dec 24 2016 12:24:58 AM

Bahahaha what a joke. I love who did this! My name is jessica. I work at walmart and I make damn good money. Pretty sure who wrote this works at a fast food place... not gonna put names, but whoever it is, can come say the sh** to my face. Obviously you know i work at walmart. I take care of my kids, and it's none of anyone's business what I'm doin.
posted on Aug 10 2017 06:46:26 PM

Give it up Jessica your babydaddy spilled the beans on you and how y’all son was conceived on the first night of sex while he was MARRIED and you were underage. When u and dean gor marry you had an affair with one of the stock boys at the Walmart in dville. You have two kids under the age of 27 and live with your mom in that closet size apartment.. Your whole life is one big struggle lmao Dean said while y’all were married he witnessed you picking your nose and would eat your boogers on numerous occasions. Dean also talked about your body count, and how he didn’t respect you because you were promiscuous in high school.. Dean even said you made up a story about rape and he said he didn’t believe it. Now the main issue is why is he driving your kids around high(windows up) and why are your kids always dirty with no shoes on?? Jess you’re a who** that was briana’s husband first and you thought you were hot sh**. Look at you now.. I bet you wish Dean wore a rubber, huh? Lmao Dean has been arrested for Domestic Violence and Drug Poss. In 2018 You had a baby by a hs drop out.. Dean is a narcissistic liar and if it wasn’t for his mother receiving government assistance for his retarded brother he would be out on the streets.. i last saw him in Gulfport on 19th ave in a dirty as* trailer...
posted on Aug 17 2018 10:46:08 AM

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