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Randy Luke is a real wimp fat fagot cross dresser who will pay you to let him suck your co**. He loves all co** and loves being verbally and publically abused. You can bit** slap this fagot for fun all day long. He has a nice fat white as* and loves co** in his as*. Call him at 226 202 0307 to arrange to meet him . He loves cu*.
Category: News Added: 2019-01-20 17:15:41 Year: 2019 Country: Canada State: ontario City: Near windsor ont.

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He also loves piss play and more!
posted on Jan 28 2019 08:26:55 PM

SOMEONE HAS INSECURITY ISSUES. LOL... It's 2019, this isn't even decent gossip. FYI Those that are most vocal in taking issue with another person's sexual orientation are often the ones that have deep seeded issues with their own. You feel threatened by those that are confident and secure enough with themselves to be who they really are in spite of people like you. You're posting this because YOU got YOUR co** sucked by a man... AND YOU LOVED IT. This is an obvious unsuccessful attempt to prove to yourself and others that you're straight...it had the opposite affect dumb as*. Lol
posted on Feb 01 2019 09:50:07 AM

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