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Always snitches when she's busted up on some meth deal. Always gets out of it. See attached informant agreement if you don't believe me!!
Category: Problem Added: 2017-07-22 18:51:30 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: MO City: Joplin

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Been Snitchen


WTF man this bit** is a big time dealer in Joplin
posted on Jul 22 2017 06:52:16 PM

Where is the attachment??
posted on Sep 07 2017 10:53:52 PM

The fact is that there will never be any papers to prove this bullshit Keith Koile tried to label her as to make her look bad before the truth comes out about him....sit back wait and see if I am right....i am willing to out a wager on that myself
posted on Oct 28 2017 09:28:27 AM

posted on Dec 16 2017 04:53:34 PM

This bit** is the biggest snitch around, she snitched out roscoe rickman, stright got up on the stand and it to save her own as* plus it was on more than one case
posted on Dec 27 2017 10:10:20 PM

If you are willing to post a wager then put it up and let's post ur name instead of being a coward and remaining nameless and u all may wanna get ur facts straight cause she didn't get up on the stand and testify against anybody and maybe get the facts from Roscoe about the situation and Keith koile is far from a snitch do Im sitting back with ya buddy waiting for this so called truth to come out cause hey I will bet any amount in the world that those so called "facts" won't ever surface cause your wrong way wrong buddy!! It's pretty dumb that people get on here like they no something when they don't no sh** they just talking to be talking like they somebody important that nos everything it's humorous for real cause u all real fukn dumb
posted on Mar 04 2018 01:23:42 AM

Actually she did take the d.a side against roscoe,heard it from his mouth and many of his own family members..she went against him on his last sh**,3 charges if not mistake...this bit** is trash nasty bit** and worthless mother..she will cross the wrong one soon and end up with bad sh**...
posted on Mar 12 2018 05:39:29 PM

Roscoe Rickman says to Facebook him if anyone has a question about it. He will tell all you dumb fuc** how solid Rachael Hall is and the fact she is the most down bit** that none of you bottom feeders could ever come close to the hustle that girl has in or out of jail. So know your facts that she is sitting looking at 10 at the least and all of you bitc*** are still jealous.
posted on Mar 16 2018 07:06:45 PM

You people are f****** retarded I've known this chick for 10 years and she's never snitched on anybody it is f****** retarded to me that you people waste your time on here trying to run somebody's name in the ground you are f****** lame I have been in touch with Roscoe and he is going to personally post something on here so you people will shut the f******up you forget that he married her and he definitely didn't marry some snitch she is probably the most loyal person he's ever known
posted on Mar 16 2018 07:28:10 PM

Lol yea like she didn't know Danny Burton was a c.i.? She knew and probably was just as involved in the telling as he was.. I'm sure whoever is defending her is actually her.
posted on Mar 23 2018 02:21:42 AM

Roscoe Rickman is a punk as* lil bit** nig** probably wore m&ms for lipstick that nig** a fool and got played by a pass around how....that fool a fu***** retard can he even read or spell yet ole as* wanna got no game that why nig** been locked up so many
posted on Mar 28 2018 10:43:27 AM

Well where's Roscoe's post what he scared someone might just call him out on his coonery or is it he stay silent cause he don't want everyone to know it truth.
posted on Mar 28 2018 11:56:17 AM

Just because I fuc*** you in the as* .you don't have to talk sh**.
posted on Apr 01 2018 10:01:51 AM

This is roscoe she didn't tell on me.and the last one was me too.so all any that don't have a life go get one........
posted on Apr 01 2018 10:07:16 AM

damn fool you just admitted you're a faggit..so Roscoe you're saying she didn't snitch on you...ey nig** just know you was taped talking sh** on that snitch even saying she did...nig** you're a simp.. played nig** your wife gives bad top tho...pass around bit**
posted on Apr 02 2018 12:41:42 AM

she ain't worth spit can't suck di** and that bit** is loose as fuck,screwing her is like throwing a hotdog down a hall way so loose I pulled out and left,hall sure fits her as* her pus** as wide as one...I get back at your as* tho when I hit home girl up for them tapes to blast you coonery with..
posted on Apr 02 2018 12:49:34 AM

Put your name on it .........
posted on Apr 02 2018 04:26:08 AM

So its like this.. 1 --we all know that the person commenting 110% does NOT know Rachael Hall because of the obvious that they are a Niger or a wannabe Niger and the solid as* White girl does not associate woth Nigers!!!!! And wtf is Danny Burtin
posted on Apr 02 2018 05:45:44 AM

Is that right.....1 faggit I'm white,2 that bit** is far from solid in any form of the meaning,3 if youre gonna call people names to insult them bit** learn to spell first..its nig*** trick go get some education besides how to suck di** and being a di** rider boy,..bit** every onespeaks differently not everyone is inbreed but how I talk doesnt take away from the facts like she's a who** I'm not the only one she fuc*** ask around she got piped down by more than me nor do it take away she's a dirty rat
posted on Apr 02 2018 06:08:21 AM

nor does how I speak take away from Roscoe being a bit** as* punk so keep speaking I will get a bit** on here that will check his as* and speak on Roscoe speak of her being a snitch.......just say go Roscoe
posted on Apr 02 2018 06:11:41 AM

And you are ....
posted on Apr 02 2018 09:58:30 AM

1--- a nig*** is a Niger no matter hows it's spelled. No matter the skin color black or white. Its the actions and your actions scream Niger ...Nig***. Trick?? Are you a little worried to put your name out there becasue as soon as you do im going to show you how tricks work around my neck of the woods. And as far as how you talk....you sound like a noneducsted wanna be nig***
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:24:54 AM

Educated* i better correct that LMAO
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:25:30 AM

It looks like you go my name in your mouth alot .you don't know me so go play with your toys.
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:26:24 AM

My name is Eric but know but little Eric now what ain't no one scared of any you fakes
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:31:05 AM

I know alot more than you think nigga,like I said say go Roscoe I will bring someone up in this sh** that will undoubtedly check your stupid ass....say go if you ain't scared
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:32:56 AM

Don't put your mom on the phone.
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:36:02 AM

Well, Mr Eric for knowing so much there isnt anyone who seems to know you. So is it that you know a whole lot of wrong info or that you like to play that you know but actually dont have a clue....nigga! Because FYI this isnt Roscoe, bro
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:46:27 AM

And is this about Rachael or Roscoe ...you have us all confused
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:47:39 AM

Made baby mom I'd say.
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:58:56 AM

You don't know me due to you ain't on my level boy you scum..both she snitch and he's a bit**.real mfs move in slience that's why bitchs don't snitch on us boy step you knowledge up son...you wanna know what I find funny af,how lames and fakes stick up for snitches and bit** nig***..
posted on Apr 02 2018 11:21:59 AM

Let me break it down for you simple m************, Roscoe is on tape admitting his own b**** snitched him out and used her kids as an excuse to snitch him out he's also admitting another b**** who let the police know where the f*** he was at when he was on the run and got his as* caught so keep being some sheep you stupid motherfuckers because that's how you motherfuckers get busted like that you sheep you all don't see the real because this n***** is not real he ain't solid or good to stand on his word shit...but go ahead listen to that retarded fool,go ask shorty about them tapes
posted on Apr 02 2018 11:53:29 AM

Nig*** let me break it down for you homie...i dont give a fu** about a tape that he says she snitched him out the court papers are what puts a jacket on someone and it you were at any level then you would know you do not strap that kind of jacket on anyone until you have some black and white to prove...i am at work right now but gice me an hour and ill post what i have to back up that Rachael Hall is as solid as they come....no matter ehat the situation or the dirty nig*** who done her wrong . look up the 'Omerta' yay you can thank me later when you sling that around in your vocabulary like you know something. Bottom feeders like yourself is what is wrong with society these days.
posted on Apr 02 2018 12:04:27 PM

Yo try speaking on mafia sh** when you can actually claim that sh** but ey think what you will but Ms will get to them both......mafia mfs are solid you trash boys ain't sh** ....like I said heard the tapes he's a bit** and his bit** a snitch case closed...
posted on Apr 02 2018 12:12:17 PM

Lmao! You know your place don't you. You are one for the books for sure. Indont even know Roscoe like i said I DONT GIVE A FLYING FU** WHAT HE SAID. But i promise some punk bottom feeding nig*** is getting a whole lot of laughs today. Take your wannabe Nig*** Lawernce Co bullshit somewhere else little boy . When you want to tell me who you really are then we will contiune on ...deal, Nig***?
posted on Apr 02 2018 12:22:43 PM

I'm the devil bit** boy,lawerence co nah bit** see I'm from bigger better places then a shithole cow sh** filled place but see unlike you I travel I'm good at what I do why that how wanted a connection with me but I don't play with dirty di** sucking who*** I use them then toss them to the trash pile like I did her as* in hindsight I should of put that sl** on the corner where she belongs
posted on Apr 02 2018 01:47:25 PM

lol bit** my place is bigger better then some wanna be honkeys or any other you fuc** who are nothing but trash look at you mother fu***** all trash tweeked out on your own sh** try to act like y'all know anything about mafia sh** you're from a sh** hole bunch of little towns you stupid bitchs wouldnt survive any where else.most you fuc** can't even take care of your children they get took by the state lol
posted on Apr 02 2018 01:58:13 PM

Listen here you PUNK BIT** Eric this is Keith Koile and I promise you this my girl has never been a snitch and never will be and I stand on that 120% and it's like that for you when I see you
posted on Apr 02 2018 03:07:41 PM

Yo Keith do you honestly think you scare me nigga.?nigga I'll make you suck your own di** like the good little bit** you are...
posted on Apr 02 2018 06:44:15 PM

I have a bet going...Do you high five yourself after each time you post with some of your mad trash talking skills? I can vividly picture it happening like that.lol Funs over though..we are done laughing at you it was starting to actually neco.e repulsive listening to your Nigger/Niger slang brotha .. i will post the black and white i have to back up everything i have said after that there wont be anything that needs said so with that being said Mr Eric carry on with your big bad self and you might eventually convience yourself that your going to be somebody someday
posted on Apr 02 2018 10:42:23 PM

posted on Apr 03 2018 04:13:20 AM

i think it hit me....Mr. Eric Powder Puffer Blackledge?? If so no more explanation needed for why this thread is filled with idiotic comments from you.
posted on Apr 05 2018 08:42:07 PM

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