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Snitch Subject: dhs caller

Will call dhs on anyone for her own satisfaction. She hates anyone being happy so shes gotta ruin peeps lives by calling dhs and making up bullsh*t so dhs will investigate and take their kids away. GET A LIFE BIT** u got to much time on ur hands so do something.
Category: Other Added: 2014-02-19 17:17:19 Year: 2013 Country: United States State: OK City: newalla

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dhs caller


Tiffany Brinkley (Black) is the worst dhs caller I have ever seen. She works for dhs when he sleeps around with everyman probably women as well. Literally, she the trashiest person I have ever seen. She lived In cockroache infested house her whole life & she's one to judge anyone. Makes me laugh a little but would love to kick her as*!
posted on Dec 31 2016 05:53:47 AM

Someone is a lying m.f . Get a life you stupid bit**. Quit lying on someone. Worthless piece of sh**.
posted on Dec 10 2017 06:04:17 AM

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