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Pearl Anne Managuelod

Snitch Subject: Charming but deceitful!

Pearl is the kind of person you would want to be friends with, if you're desperate and mentally disturbed that is! She would make you fall for her to get what she wants, she would make you do things and make it look like you really wanted it! When she's done with you she would just throw you like a piece of trash! And if that's not enough for her she would even make up stories against you to ruin your reputation! She is very good in manipulating people, especially guys who are dumb enough to believe her and whose lives are now miserable! They are miserable not because they miss her but because their lives are ruined! She is a charmer, so don't be fooled! See Pearl for what she really is a manipulative, deceiving psycho and a user who would do anything to get what she wants and to be where she wants to be! An unfit mother and a social climber!
Category: Fraud Added: 2013-04-11 02:25:24 Year: 2013 Country: Thailand State: Bangkok City: Samut Prakan

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