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Pearl Anne Managuelod

Snitch Subject: where's marie or tess?

Where's Marie Pearl? Or is it Tess? Isn't she your most loyal follower? What happened to her? She finally gave up on you? Because you're using her as an escape goat to all your mischief! she got tired of covering up for your mistakes, but they're not really did all those things on purpose! You deceived all those ensogo voucher holders and that's one of your reasons why you changed your studio's name again! That's also the reason why you're making it look like that someone else owns your studio so that the people you scammed would stop asking about their vouchers! I'm sure you're stalking Tess now so that she won't say anything against you, especially about the things that you did....the people you manipulated and stalked!
Category: Secret Added: 2013-04-10 10:05:17 Year: 2013 Country: Philippines State: Palawan City: Puerto Princesa

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