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Pearl Anne Daquioag Managuelod

Snitch Subject: misunderstood or wicked?

Pearl projects to the public that she is a good mother and a good person, that people just misunderstood her actions....shes not being misunderstood; she really is a liar and a con artist! And that is what shes good at, fooling people! Pretending to be nice but when she gets the chance she would stab you in the back then accuse you of being a backstabber! Shes good at manipulating people, like what shes doing to Elaine Vizmanos now….she asked her to pretend to be the new owner of Samyana Yoga, formerly One Flow Yoga and used to be Flow Yoga Manila….she makes excuses that she wants to take care of her kids and have more time for them but in reality, shes just running away and hiding from people whom she owed money from like the ones who were not able to redeem their ensogo vouchers! They are after you Pearl thats why you changed your studios name again in a snap, so that they won't be able to trace it back to you....clever move Pearl, cleverly wicked!
Category: Critique Added: 2013-07-01 23:22:56 Year: 2013 Country: Philippines State: NCR City: Quezon City ZIP: 1900

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misunderstood or wicked?

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