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Pearl Anne Daquioag Managuelod

Snitch Subject: is currently indisposed

Pearl is nowhere to be found, are you currently admitted to a looney bin thats why you can't comment on Samyana yoga's site? Or just hibernating and cooking up new scams and gimmicks to fool people? You certainly fooled a lot of people by pretending to sell your yoga studio and pretending that you're no longer the owner of Samyana Yoga, fromerly One Flow Yoga and used to be Flow Yoga Manila. Still in hiding Pearl? Hiding from people who bought your ensogo voucher but can't redeem it anymore since you already changed your studio's name, again!
Category: Missing Added: 2013-07-01 10:18:17 Year: 2013 Country: Philippines State: NCR City: Quezon City ZIP: 1900

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is currently indisposed

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