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Hard to believe he was a social worker. Hope he is in jail now or in a asylum. He is dangerous and controlling teens that are disabled and mistreats them. He shouldn't work at any schools or high schools. I made a complaint to DOE on him and other teachers that were involved in abuse. Just keep your teens and kids and wives away from this sick perverted man! He worked Rolling Meadows High School
Category: Complaint Added: 2018-04-27 05:02:02 Year: 1997 Country: United States State: IL City: Rolling Meadows

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Jerk, criminal


Sex addicted , narcissistic, woman abuser. Has sexually abused many women while being married. Complete failure as a father. Liar, cheat, He is a convicted felon. Thinks he is a big bully, that’s how he confronts his problems . STAY AWAY.
posted on Jun 10 2019 08:15:47 AM

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