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Pamela Lowrey

Snitch Subject: Confidential informant

Undercover buy from John doe to allude charge's of child abuse
Category: Complaint Added: 2019-04-11 11:40:44 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: OK City: Durant ZIP: 74729

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Confidential informant


Not True on Pam Lowrey a bunch of MF hater's there is absolutely no affidavit of her signature on anything there is absolutely no paper work on this and. She isn't from Armstrong She just had a baby and was out a week when Bryan county busted in her guy door in fact the reason why is because a sell was sold to under cover agent this is all public record so go see for ur fu***** damn self . Pam is staying sober trying to get her kids back she doesn't have any pending charges and no reason to snitch on anyone. She doesn't do dope unlike her sister and her husband who do. There a bunch of worthless ppl steal from there own family . It's just a lie coming from someone who has no life her and her husband don't work they do dope around there kids and to be honest no body really gives a flying fu** they can't stay sober all they want is that check Pam gets monthly and it's been cut off so they break into home steal to do there addiction. Pam Lowrey is a very sincere person who does love her kids and want what's right for them unlike the ppl on her lying . So my thought to them move around junkies nothin that comes out if your. Mouth is true do urself a favor go to as and na take some parenting classes take your mom with you and ur step dad they need help to. Stop trying to be a victim and stop crying work as me we all know ur a dope head and we all know where u get it so with that being said move around you dumb as* bit** and your worthless Husband and your God forbid ugly MF mom with her alligator mouth and humming bird as* writing checks her as* can NOT CASH for real
posted on Apr 19 2019 05:59:14 PM

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