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I joine this website it is a teen network and free dating service. It is new and I wanted to tell people about it. You have to be 13 to 19 to join.
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Teen Dating


Wow this is a horrible website I would be furiouse if I saw my kid on this there might be a perv out there who wants to get kids into bed well when I have a kid these kind of sites are not allowed they could just meet kids at school they don't need a teen dating site to hook up
posted on Jun 10 2012 10:07:27 AM

our teen net work is an okay website. you just have to know which people to look out for. i found an awesome boyfriend on this site. but however the site has way too many glitches. at this particular moment the website wont let anyone on
posted on Jun 22 2012 11:01:58 PM

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