One flow yoga is a yoga studio along commonwealth avenue, Quezon City. It offers a lot of services but are you willing to try them out? When the owner/teacher Pearl Managuelod is unprofessional and not certified to teach yoga! You should have undergone 3 years of teachers training before you could teach yoga, all i know is that she only undergone 3 weeks of yoga training in India! Does that qualify her to teach yoga? For all we know she just went to India for meditation which she needed to calm her inner conflicts and be at peace with herself!

Whoever you are, we feel sorry for you. Good luck.
2013-06-21 02:58:42
She's a pretender and a very good one! She's a master manipulator and very very good at stalking people especially the person she is obsessing with! She lives in a world full of lies and uses other people to feed her delusion of grandeur! She boasts of being rich, but check her background carefully! Remember what you did three years ago pearl? And now you're back to the same habit! It's really amazing that there's still a lot of people willing to defend you and believe you...but of course they don't know you long enough to know who the real PEARL MANAGUELOD is! Where are your old friends Pearl? They left because they found out the real you? The only friends you have now are your yoga students and the people who have weak minds whom you can manipulate easily! My advice to her new friends, ask her where her old friends are and ask them what happened that they no longer get in touch with her or does not want to be in contact with her!
2012-04-09 01:05:05
This appears to be a personal attack instead of an objective feedback regarding the instructor, her teaching style, and her studio.
2012-04-24 00:16:23
Pathetic. Chill and do some yoga
2012-09-24 02:16:42

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