ONE FLOW YOGA - formerly flow yoga manila at QC

One Flow Yoga and Flow Yoga Manila are one and the same, they are not under new management! The owner of One Flow Yoga is still Pearl Managuelod, a manipulative and a deceiver! If you are already an established yoga studio, as she claimed she already is then why would you want to change your name? Unless its a change of management which in this case is not, so the reason maybe is that the real owner of the name flow yoga manila found out that Ms. Pearl Managuelod is using their name as her own studio to gain students! Pearl Managuelod is a conniving and deluded person who would do anything until she gets what she wants from you and that includes your personality! Who would want to enroll at a yoga studio who is misleading you into believing that you could have a peace of mind and a healthy well being when she herself is not at peace with herself and unstable!

Bakit mo pinalitan pangalan ng studio mo Pearl? Nasan na mga loyal students mo?
2012-03-30 03:03:24

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