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Omarley Prince Prince Dapa

Snitch Subject: Liar and Cheater

This low life man Oamrley Prince is a cheater and hoodrat. All he does is beg me for my money and beg me to get him up here to Atlanta with me. He told me he didnt want his crazy baby mom but  found out he has many women in his life and he is a user. I spend over 100, 000 buying him clothes because he had none, shoes, watches, cell phones, clothes for him mom, his daughter and gifts for his family and the whole time he was fu***** with his baby mom Anisha. She answered his phone one time when I call him to cuss me out. She is sending him messages constantly asking for his di**. His baby mom Rashanda is a psycho bit** who chase away all women in his life.  He aint nothing but a bum dummy. All he does is beg for gifts and things and beg me for some Candi. I got the last laugh on the bunch of them. Stupid banana island bush people all hate eachother now. 
Category: Abuse Added: 2019-09-16 22:18:34 Year: 2019 Country: Trinidad & Tobago State: st anns City: port of spain

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Liar and Cheater


Fu***** Candice Kimberly Lacoa write this sh**. Yuh whoring muddacunt the man dont fu***** want yuh. Find yuh own man leave he and he child mudda to fight up. Vex he choose she over yuh. Whoring mudda cu**, next time dont spend yuh money people man yuh only know for weeks. Dummy.
posted on Sep 27 2019 04:21:57 PM

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