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This low life rat face man bit** name Omarley Prince is a theif, liar womanizer only deals with women for their money. He begged me to be with him because he wanted a visa and his crazy bit girl friend Rashanda Mc Kenna is spreading lies and attacking me on social media. He used me for money and recognition this dirty man from St Anns in Trinidad. he called me last week and said he miss me and has dreams about me. For one he has no money and works in a low rate job with nothing to his name lives in his mom´s house and uses women. Ok now, let me tell you his girl Rashanda Mc Kenna is supporting this bs. This low life rat face insure bit** name Rashanda Mc Kenna is sick in her head. She is a resident of Trinidad and Tobago but goes back and forth to Medellin, Columbia. Crazy bit** does work for upwork co. freelancer regulatory compliance and legal support so you know she should now better. How do you do legal work for people yet your a psychopath!!! Client trust u ? Psycho bit**. Your are responsible to help with attorney and legal .If only they knew what you do to people cause u got no life. her friend Ana Isabel who she uses to do her dirty work. She also uses allies to make fake profiles about people that she is threatened by. Immigration will soon find out she is doing illegal activity in and out the country every 6 months. This bit** think she’s ugly that why her child father don’t want her as*. She tries to ruin my friend name Candice by making up fake home wreckers page and stories about this girl as if she broke up a family. For one the man don’t want her and the only reason he talk to her is for their child. This girl is so desperate that she makes everything about her. She is very jealous of my friend. He made it clear that it’s about the child and that’s it and she can’t handle it. Bit** move on. Find you a man that love u instead of chasing down your child father that been move on from your crazy as* . Psycho bit** been in another country! You have no family.The stupid dumb bit** need serious psychological help she need to check her self in a mental facility. She got another thing coming for her dumb desperate for a man as*. This psychological bit** must be known. Candice is not her first target. She made every woman that dated her child father talk to life a living hell. This cyber bully desperate bit** will be know. She will burn in hell for all she has done in people lives. God don’t sleep. My friend don’t even got sh** to do with you. Fuc off desperate ugly bit**. Omarley leave Candice alone you cant take care of nobody you work in the St Anns hospital
Category: Abuse Added: 2019-09-16 18:34:37 Year: 2019 Country: Trinidad & Tobago State: St Anns Road next to the school car park City: Port of Spain

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Candice Kimberly Lacoa this is a bit much coming from someone who was dumped by this man. Why don´t you get out these people´s lives and stop your sh**. The man don´t want you, get over it. LEAVE HIM AND HIS WOMAN ALONE. .YOU ARE A FOOL
posted on Sep 16 2019 07:57:36 PM

People like Candice should not gbe given a platform to spout venomous lies about someone who doesn´t even know her. The allegations made in here are courthouse worthy.
posted on Sep 22 2019 10:33:21 AM

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