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Noah Mulka

Snitch Subject: Saboteur

This guy gets paid to run his crap vehicles into whoever pays him to target.
Category: Problem Added: 2020-11-11 06:27:28 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: PA City: Greencastle

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He lives at 4056 Coseytown Rd. Greencastle Pa. Fu***** gangstalking piece o’ sh**.
posted on Nov 11 2020 06:29:49 AM

4059 Coseytown Rd. My “bad”.
posted on Nov 17 2020 12:24:20 PM

There’s a “group” in Franklin County Pa. that targets certain individuals that they do not like. I’m one of them & a victim of this tool bag. I haven’t pinpointed on who or what “group” is behind it, but I have reason to believe it’may be their so-called “Overdose Task Force” which I’m not even part of their “drug trade”. A group that consists of “cops, EMS medics, nurses, doctors, etc. And you have to ask yourself, HowTF is a group going to prevent an overdose anyway? Unless they were following them around to begin with & they probably wanted them to die, being they don’t fit into the so-called “norm” of Franklin Fuck-‘tard County Pa. Gangstalking phenomenon is real, but it’s not done by our national government. It’s done by local nobody f@gs, who are nothing & will be nothing in their pathetic lives. They also send some “pedo-stashed” idiot around in multiple cars(1 is a Blue Ford 500) to take pictures of their “targets” & they pay some bum loser, like Noah Mulka to drive into their vehicles. This is for real. No joke.
posted on Nov 19 2020 12:04:01 PM

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