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Nicole Gogolsky

Snitch Subject: Snitch bit**

She set me and 3 other people up for the task force she works with Jeannette's finest she tries to blame other people to get the blame away from her she is the rat and she will get hers
Category: Crime Added: 2013-05-28 21:22:23 Year: 2009 Country: United States State: PA City: Jeannette ZIP: 15644

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Snitch bit**


No wonder she is in trouble all the time. She got into a fight and her boyfriend Ritchie Probably over owed money for drugs. She hangs around cops too She works in bars until ahe gets caught stealing New job on 30 at ale house Druggies and losers hang out
posted on Oct 12 2015 03:00:03 AM

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