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Child molester/ federal snitch/ stalker/std(herpes,clymadia,gonnaria,and aldn iowa murder
Category: Secret Added: 2014-06-22 10:08:10 Year: 2014 Country: United States State: NE City: Omaha,fremont,valley,arlington,bennington ZIP: 68002

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wtf is the first name dumbass?
posted on Jun 28 2016 01:03:41 AM

wow ...lots listed there. Sounds like a jealous fu** with a too much time on ur hands. u should of just kept it simple, chi mo...fed snitch....left it at that. you stated this person committed murder in iowa...well if YOU know about it, dipshit and YOU didn't report it to authorities....YOU are in deep sh**, so either stfu or do what ya gotta do and report it. One or other. U didn't think this through, did you? MORON!
posted on Jun 28 2016 01:07:42 AM

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