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I ponder why the white liberal joins forces with Nation of Islam share group listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center? Bring their drones down. I have no idea what sorry as* Nation of Islam psycho I’ve rubbed up against. I feel the need and desire to join a gang for protection. Where are white gangs that protect us from Latin and black racist gangs?
Category: Crime Added: 2020-06-13 22:09:11 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: NJ City: Cherry Hill

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It’s a hate group and I’m interested in mobilizing for us. Lets organize and have a flash mob. They are ruining cities one by one. Take things back. Up our value.
posted on Jun 13 2020 10:11:54 PM

I got threatened that if I make signs about the day I was attacked . there would be trouble. I’m making signs. These goons think it’s funny to imply oj is on their tire team.
posted on Jun 13 2020 10:13:46 PM

Some guy named after Tree garland.
posted on Jun 13 2020 10:15:55 PM

Some guy named after Tree garland.
posted on Jun 13 2020 10:16:11 PM

Johnnie Cocharan’s and Anna’s friend
posted on Jun 13 2020 10:19:29 PM

They eat hoagies around stripper poles at the Walmart. Lol
posted on Jun 13 2020 10:20:48 PM

The Dominicans entered the network made a derogatory comment about a post made about Nicole Brown Simpson. Then I find myself being attacked on the day they like white women to be killed. Ki** their tire business. They are Camden reverse racists.
posted on Jun 15 2020 12:42:45 AM

In our neighborhood we are forced to live with terrorists, Former cons with skull caps, and gang members. The non denominational satanic bible group brings them in to watch for planet of the apes vacation stalker. They love marrying cons and then reforming them. Church is a joke. They love convicts and recruit gang members with a Camden connected member of the nj representatives. She made our town one big dangerous Bronx hood. Forced to live with violent racists who hate white people and make this a satellite Camden enclave. It’s racist it’s wrong. No one speaks up. Property values go down. No one wants to live with these people and they want their Camden Gang family to buy homes cheap by forcing out classy people. While the senator lives in since, classy town we all suffer because they laugh about all the corruption.
posted on Jun 15 2020 12:51:50 AM

The planet of the apes description please do not take as a gorilla ball reference. It’s a physical description of beasts from another planet who want control of white peoples wombs, their internet and travel plans away from their cult as***.
posted on Jun 15 2020 12:55:52 AM

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