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thieves who snitch
Category: Complaint Added: 2017-05-15 12:54:16 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: IA City: Eagle Grove ZIP: 50533

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Nate is a fu***** pus** the kind of person who runs and locks himself in a car or pays someone not to beat his as* Nate is a thief drug dealer smokes weed and a compulsive lier
posted on May 15 2017 01:45:18 PM

Id love to see some paperwork on me for being a snitch just because jimmy morris is a bit** and mad that chad fuc*** his wife and his new gf is sneaking around on him to. My dad never got punked out in prison jimmy quit hiding my dad only wants to talk to you. Say what u want about me tho ive got nothin to hide im not a drug dealer never have been. 5153518603 call meanytime
posted on May 15 2017 04:20:24 PM

I know jimmy wrote this about me he is illiterate which is why he mispelled liar in his comment. Stupid pos can barely read or write ive seen it first hand. His kids are lucky they are out of his life
posted on May 15 2017 04:24:03 PM

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