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Mill Bill aka Bill Gerst

Snitch Subject: Local rapper coppin pleas

caught a felony Trafficking in narcotics charge. served 8 months total. 4 months in county and 4 months in the CAPP program. This "street" rapper is a snitch
Category: Fraud Added: 2016-06-01 09:21:55 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: ID City: Boise Nampa

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Local rapper coppin pleas


correction Mill Bill was arrested in March of 2015 and was released in dec of 2015. a total of ten months. in march of 2016 Mill Bill was put on unsupervised felony parole. His trafficking charge was amended to the lesser felony. in 2009 he was popped for a felony distribution charge that was dropped to a misdemeanor. if u were to take a look his Idaho Repository record ALL felony charges he caught previously, were reduced to misdemeanors. this is not the criminal history of "street rapper" his criminal resume is on par with what a snitch would have. lastly his "promoter" a boise radio dj is a certified snitch from 2005. at the end of the day even if people dont wanna believe the truth the boise rap scene(which is a joke in itself) is ran by snitches and people who rock wit em
posted on Jun 01 2016 10:40:36 AM

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