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Mike Mancuso

Snitch Subject: Unlawful Surveillance Stalking

I paid this guy to investigate. He did not do his job and played cop stalker games with the corner neighbors: James Negri. He is a liar, Masonic targeter. He will target women and allow his harasser buddies to avoid prosecution for stalking and harassment. He ruins innocent people’s lives who investigate unlawful police targeting. When someone is enjoying their day off they do not deserve unlawful cop stalking. He targets women who have rubbed up against Freemasons. He is an organized gang stalker a Murderer of people’s reputations and harasser for the police state. He is a corrupt guy who allows women to be stalked by their abuser. Someone should investigate him for unlawful targeting and surveillance of innocent law abiding citizens. He’s obsessed with Sasha Grey and yep would he break and enter for her ati dough? He has issues with nice women and likes to defame with an organized cult of corrupt cops who target honest citizens. He makes your scum bag neighbors police informants to harass you. Allows criminals entry
Category: Crime Added: 2020-01-09 04:30:13 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: NJ City: Cherry Hill

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Unlawful Surveillance Stalking


I find it fascinating that both neighbors in the side and back neighbors have access to personal computer networks. Only licensed law enforcement and military have access to Imsi Catchers. This guy needs to detach from our lives with his corrupt police state. They ignore drug criminals and organized crime on the block and makes your neighbors police informants. I recall an overnight inn stay where he had to upset me by showing up at breakfast and have an enemy show up as well. Do your job and put a harasser in jail and do not hand imsi catchers to Negri again or close neighbors again.
posted on Jan 09 2020 04:35:32 AM

Negri is a warlock however he is also tied to Nation of Islam through a music “rape” pal. He is not A martyr or Kurt Cobain. He voyeurs on his neighbors and enters computer networks with his cop informant status from Andrew. His own family kicked him out. Bunch of low life’s.
posted on Jan 09 2020 04:41:36 AM

Andrew loves white trash and wigs. Moa’s I don’t think he has a soul.
posted on Jan 09 2020 04:43:58 AM

I really resent that Matt stole my wedding band and sold it to Nation of Islam. Over the years , tons of little hair bands and little stuff , scratch marks on the lock, fire and police have those , then the loud reds said they stole it and I will never see it again. Andrew fueled that fire. Neighbors that steal from you are scum. Hope they rot on a warlock spell that twists and turns back to them. Heard they made the mom a CIA agent. It’s ludicrous but so typical of how they run. Is Matt , Nicole’s Bf a fireman? Someone should stop selling bump keys and make them illegal.
posted on Jan 09 2020 04:49:39 AM

Fireman Matt must have a firehose nose. Does Andrew pay him to break and enter? So they can place warlock spells on the . Wedding band , that will get him into the everlasting eternal fire pit
posted on Jan 09 2020 04:52:42 AM

Word on the block is Andrew likes and rewards white trash only. We just have a gaaaarden but no van like his corrupt evil warlock pals. People who steal should have to place their hands in a clink . Is that sharia law???????
posted on Jan 09 2020 05:03:34 AM

Does anyone have insider info did Ocasia Cortez date Andrew? Supposedly she paid “him” to take it. She’s evil however no one is following her and raccoon bin on luxury government vacations.
posted on Jan 09 2020 05:06:40 AM

I do recall an incident Negri parked close to this chic’s home , stalked her all over with GMC, invaded her internet, had her personal iPhone pictures and shared then with ghetto Gamble, then would shine his headlights on her frosted glass bathroom window to voyeur on her when she was in the shower. The really big question how did this scuz know when she got in the shower. Sharia law: ball chopping? Or is there no law protecting women from men? Duh
posted on Jan 09 2020 06:02:42 AM

I’d chop the nads.
posted on Jan 09 2020 06:03:52 AM

This is like Deliverance and Boys in the Hood.
posted on Jan 09 2020 06:04:43 AM

Ocasia would do it for Nation of Islam they most likely finance her. Her dough is black klan dough. I find her to be a reptilian.
posted on Jan 09 2020 06:13:08 AM

This is why we are at war I suppose. A real conflict of interest there. Where do we non bandits live?
posted on Jan 09 2020 06:15:18 AM

Where is this neighborhood ? Bunch of crazy loonies. I’d start packing heat. Tell them if they enter your home or mess with you there will be street justice.
posted on Jan 09 2020 06:29:51 AM

Only mommy pu**y boys mess with chics like this. Why they have so much time to harass? Are they organized crime or mafia? Are they grown up or do they have their white trash kids mess with you?
posted on Jan 09 2020 06:34:08 AM

People have to have a backbone and a conscience to stand up to bullies. The bully protects and rewards maladaptive human behavior. Humans are not meant to coexist like this. These sound like creatures that live low to the ground and like human torture. If they were nice you would probably say only nice things about them.
posted on Jan 09 2020 06:59:44 AM

When you have clothing ripped and torn and no sign of forced entry this is a tell tale sign of occult activity. Lucifer always pays his followers with eternal life in hell.
posted on Jan 09 2020 07:06:48 AM

Rape in hell for every time he had someone lie or abuse you? Sounds like a plan........
posted on Jan 09 2020 07:11:46 AM

The cops in this region need to stop just being the traffic police and stop gangs and thugs from ruining the state of nj. We need some serious attention upon how to break up organized crimes such as stalking and invasion of privacy. It appears that the police need to face the issues of threats of violence and the terror that gangs are inflicting upon neighborhoods. It should not be a thug life here. Normal people should be able to enjoy their life without this illegal criminal activity. Time for a gang task force. Neighborhood watch groups need to be more vigilant and note the residences of gang members and members of hate groups. Take a police report against gang members would help. Expose the corruption. Why are police targeting nice people?
posted on Jan 10 2020 03:13:04 AM

Also, police should not be deputizing low life’s to target complainers of harassment and stalking. Wall . Public urination. MOA. No scum bag gang stalk police informers should be given access to an ordinary citizen’s computer network because they are bored and need entertaining. Bullying is not what police informers should be doing. If there are informants they should be reporting on illegal activity not participating in it. Stalking is a crime. So is threatening someone , yelling and shouting disturbing the peace, breaking and entering to incite violence , stealing things hoping your neighbor will want to fight you and trying to get them to react to you.
posted on Jan 10 2020 03:22:40 AM

Organized bullying is illegal and freedom from it laid out in our constitution and bill of rights. Cops cannot go to someone’s job and lie or spread rumors about them. That is not their job. Cops and informants cannot make friends with your employers and share items from a victims computer network to defame them.
posted on Jan 10 2020 03:26:57 AM

Expose the bullies. Save lives.
posted on Jan 10 2020 03:28:28 AM

That entire conversation... One person. Lol
posted on Jan 11 2020 01:19:36 AM

My god. Mr. Mike mancuso is living rent free in that head of yours and you invited him in.
posted on Jan 11 2020 01:28:52 AM

Mike Mancuso is not wanted in our lives. He is a gang stalk retired cop now private detective. Some day .... organized stalking will be illegal. Your head belongs to a nazi. My head is all mine. Organized stalking is the psychopathic world of corrupt cops. I have photo evidence as well, this website does not allow for photos. I would post the body dystrophic psycho he allowed to harass my beautifully normal head over several years... if I could.
posted on Jan 11 2020 04:24:14 AM

He allows his body dysmorphic friend and his corrupt pals to stalk chics who complain. The cops here are good ole boys who hide harassment. Video trumps a liar gang stalker anyday. Live in the democratic world...not the nazi world.
posted on Jan 11 2020 04:28:14 AM

Brian Dugan....or are you Allllllllll with a phone baloney webpage. A fictitious character who changes your name to avoid prosecution? A hidden criminal of the state? A detainee extradited from the badlands of Puerto Rico? Possibly sent photos of you and your equally evil friends? Jose? Theory
posted on Jan 11 2020 04:35:00 AM

He has a Body dysmorphic watermelon head. No one normal is interested in him. Like all psychopaths he hates upon nice people who make him look bad. He harms nice things because...duh he’s a psycho.
posted on Jan 11 2020 04:40:30 AM

DET with a prisoner cap.... means he’s a detainee and most likely breaks and enters properties with bump keys. Friends of Jonathan..... don’t you see.......... Human detritus.
posted on Jan 11 2020 04:44:26 AM

All the psychopathic bullies of the past..... are friends. That’s the end Robb er Baron.
posted on Jan 11 2020 04:48:04 AM

Normally you move away from bullies from your past neighborhood, not right next to their friends who protect them and share your hacked internet with thugs and psychos for money. Someday you are going to get it real good. The detainee you sent me is unwanted and needs to move on from it and his Rutgers pals. Not everyone is impressed with psychos who lie.
posted on Jan 11 2020 05:00:10 AM

The realization is this : never met you, not ever gonna meet you, want you to get over your ego. You abused someone . To people like you :humans are a toy a plaything. You and your friends may read this , you will have no feelings about abusing someone you are empty and cold and a hollow maladaptive brats. No guilt and your shame is non existent. However it gives me pleasure that normal people may find this, how they do is a mystery to me.... read it and know what you are... who did what and break up your gang of bullies. Because I am a quality person and someday your evil game is going to backfire against you. People with a conscience don’t like people like you..........
posted on Jan 11 2020 05:07:23 AM

I'm sure he'd feel he'd won if he knew how much energy and time you devote to him. Nothing like someone letting you consume their time and energy at a rapid pace. You really got him huh? Lol
posted on Jan 16 2020 03:14:27 AM

If this guy and his friends are real psychos they enjoy any negative attention. Psychos have no capacity to feel remorse or pain. Absolutely no pain or feeling brain. The brain operates like a robotic machine. The whole person is an act and they fake tears and sympathy while they get others to abuse the victim.
posted on Jan 17 2020 05:40:45 PM

Psychos are a joke. Everything in their made up life is a joke. Irony is they want everyone to take them seriously. Lol
posted on Jan 17 2020 05:42:39 PM

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