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Mike Mancuso

Snitch Subject: Unlawful Surveillance Stalking

I paid this guy to investigate. He did not do his job and played cop stalker games with the corner neighbors: James Negri. He is a liar, Masonic targeter. He will target women and allow his harasser buddies to avoid prosecution for stalking and harassment. He ruins innocent people’s lives who investigate unlawful police targeting. When someone is enjoying their day off they do not deserve unlawful cop stalking. He targets women who have rubbed up against Freemasons. He is an organized gang stalker a Murderer of people’s reputations and harasser for the police state. He is a corrupt guy who allows women to be stalked by their abuser. Someone should investigate him for unlawful targeting and surveillance of innocent law abiding citizens. He’s obsessed with Sasha Grey and yep would he break and enter for her ati dough? He has issues with nice women and likes to defame with an organized cult of corrupt cops who target honest citizens. He makes your scum bag neighbors police informants to harass you. Allows criminals entry
Category: Crime Added: 2020-01-09 04:30:00 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: NJ City: Cherry Hill

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Unlawful Surveillance Stalking

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