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She lives with bf on weekends as swingers. During the week stays at her mothers old trailer. This is where she does her porn shows. When she isnt camming she trys to cut hair if she isnt to high or isnt fu***** someone husband or her ex.
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live cam porn/drug addict


Im curious how any of that affects you. Did she fu** your do up real bad or something? Steal your man? Take your customers? All three? Lol Or are you just petty and like sticking your nose in other people's business?
posted on May 10 2019 04:12:28 AM

Lol what business is it of yours? Looks like your on here sticking your nose and comments on several peoples post. Now, Eat those words or shut the fu** up.
posted on Aug 08 2019 10:54:19 AM

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