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Michael Schula

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He's a violent Criminal who was in prison since he was 21, he's now around 32 and just got released. He beat the shot out of a guy, got him naked, why naked? I haven't a clue..kind of weird if you ask me..but anyways got his victimnaked and then stole his car, drugs and wallet then went to the pen to learn his lesson. he uses women to get attention, affection, gifts and whatever else he needs at the time then dumps them just like that when he's done and has found a replacement. He will charm the pants off of you, say he's so in love, hes going to grow.old with you, never want anyone else etc. All while he's got another bit** on his.phone he's trxting setting that one up. Just sad how some people can't just be good hearted real, honest, and.non violent and corrupt citizens. He will tell you himself that he is never ever ever wrong and Alays right. He drinks and then drives drunk, he's.on.parole so he.propably won't be.roaming the.streets too.much longer. He's got major.mood swings and if you say something to upset him he will blame you, insult.you, and emotionally and verbally abuse.you till he.feels you've suffered enough. He lives withhis mom and biological son. He had his fathers rights takenaeay ehior he was in prison and the baby.also so.now his mom takes care I'd his "son". Baby.mama was the towns fun.dumpster and the.kid.don't even look like it.could be his, I'm just saying, the grandma/adopted mom shouldr
Category: Fraud Added: 2018-04-26 16:37:30 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: CA City: la habra ZIP: 90606

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