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Christopher clerveau with snitched on by him and Mike evanchof is hiding in Johnson City on grand ave in big building at end of st charles. He was arrested with many other individuals on the list. Getting one of the time he was not indicted claims to be on parole but is not and gets away with crimes. Mike evanchof Smithville flats is a snitch for binghamton police. Find Christopher Claveau and tell him why he's in jail so long.
Category: Crime Added: 2021-01-12 22:27:15 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: NY City: Binghamton ZIP: 13903

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Snitched on a drug dealer


Yeah he was my co defendant not indictable offense. I was looking for Michael r evanchof Smithville flats ny heard he in JC hiding out in an apartment where he f***** this chick for two days beat her up threw her out. He locked the doors I heard people on the street talking about how he stole it from these two chicks but because he's a narc he got away with it.
posted on Jan 12 2021 10:32:02 PM

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