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Ive known this guy for over 20 years.he was never a law abiding person. He would make, sell, buy,use drugs since he was 17. He was a nobody, couldn't get the ladies. He abandoned his kid for him s drugs. Now, he's a paid informant. He doesn't set up his crew. He sets up people he's mad at. Some don't even use. If you upset him he will set you up. He will find people to use. He's always gotten away with the most crimes. Even if they have proof, he will walk. It's all a show. He's a mommas boy. He manipulates, lies, and cohersez things to fit what he wants to project. He is able to convince the cops even of his lies. He's a master of deception. He has abused women. I'm guessing at 45 he's still single. He will never be the guy in a relationship. He will use a women. Gain her trust. Than control her. Destroy everything in her life. He has no remorse. He buys mass qualities of drugs. He starts trouble, but will give dope out to have people finish the job. He's a women beater. Fighting a man is simply not his m.o. he realizes on Mommy dearest. She controls him still. He is a felon, on probation for majority of his life. It's a show. His p.o. on the scheme. Gives him 7-10 days to get clean to pass a test. He's been seen committing all sorts of crime, everyone looks away. He catches the people he's jelous of or cannot control. He has no empathy. I think narcissistic. He caresless. He will put on a wonderful show to gain your trust. He's got a lot of women on the needle. Or makes them addicts. That 3" little thing of his. He cares about no one but Mikey himself. He thinks it's funny when people are harmed. Extremely dilusional. Loses touch of reality. Will break you apart and you won't see it coming.nice guy? Nah, Mikey will help people but your going to pay. Maybe with your life. He would laugh. The guy would come to school and unable to brush his own teeth. He fantacizes of rape and control. Guts in or out.? He likes them young. He finds and works on your vulnerability. He has one goal. What are you going to do for him. If your not willing, he will force it. He uses everyone. He's a friend to nobody. It's all about Mike. Stay away from this guy. He's 45 lives with Mom. Never left the crib. Your life is in danger. He pays close attention to everything you do. Only to use it for his advantage. Not o e kind bone within him. If there was a person missing and found dead, he'd be the 1st one on top of the list of interest. Hell just give someone an 8 ball to do what he wants done. Laughing all the way.
Category: Abuse Added: 2019-10-06 14:45:08 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: IA City: Clarion iowa ZIP: 50525

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Sets people up


Who's the chick he keeps beating up and cops do nothing about it? I've seen the pictures of her face. OMG! Because he's a narc he's allowed to do that? This can't be right. I saw a picture of him. He has no teeth. He's nothing any female would want. Yuk!
posted on Oct 06 2019 02:47:54 PM

215 1st Street?
posted on Oct 23 2019 11:56:29 AM

Secret informant for police. He's been at this you morons for over 20 years. How the heck you think he got off felony probation? It was a act. They gave him 10 days to sober of meth so they had documents to make it look good. He doesn't tell on his friends. If you upset mommy's little boy he then attacks. He places drugs in your home and car then calls police on you. He's a mental case. Smart. Look at all the idiots he fools. He called police on one if the son's biker group. They're a group of great guys. He messes with everyone pretending he's your friend
posted on Oct 23 2019 12:08:07 PM

I seen the paperwork.hes making my net for feds
posted on Nov 14 2019 11:40:44 PM

He called police on a local mc biker group in Iowa. He tried setting one if them up.
posted on Nov 14 2019 11:49:27 PM

Clarion, Iowa?
posted on Nov 14 2019 11:49:56 PM

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