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Michael Coleman

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Michael Anthony Coleman has snitched on at least 10 groups of drug dealers, dog/cock fighters, and lied to the cops about drugs, weapons, and various activities. Enough so to get a warrant and get those individuals arrested and ruining their lives. He has snitched on groups in Detroit, Cleveland, New York, Maryland, and West Virginia. He should not be trusted on any level. He goes by Mike, White Mike. Latest pictures can be found here: ****
Category: Crime Added: 2017-10-06 02:26:47 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: WV City: Piedmont ZIP: 26750

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Snitch - drugs, dogs, birds, weapons


I heard about him. He used to be StewCole Kennels. He snitched on some of his Maryland partners and Chef from WV to name a few. His cousin got snitched on, probably by him, and took all his dogs too. He's a coke head snitching machine. Yeah he look a lot fatter nowadays in his mug shot. He a piece of feces.
posted on Oct 06 2017 02:30:36 AM

Dog fighting, co** fighting, domestic assault, domestic abuse, putbull, gamesdogs, gamefowl, drug dealer, drug dealing, thief, lil meech, BST, back street truez, stewcole, cocaine. Certified snitch and thief from Piedmont, WV 26750. Also active in Cumberland, MD. If this is an acquaintance or friend of yours, watchout. Two strike felon who will sell his five foot fat mother, three baby mothers, and four kids out to stay out of jail or prison
posted on Nov 10 2017 10:13:07 AM

http://www.localdvm.com/news/wv-man-sentenced-to-20-years-for-dog-fighting-operation/205198408 Story of Michael Anthony Coleman snitching on his cousin Timothy Stewart for selling drugs and dog fighting to save his own skin. His cousin lived on his same street, where Michael kept all of his black dogs in Timothy’s black cellar. No wonder Michael Anthony Coleman got away, because he was the one that snitched on his own cousin who got 20 years in prison. Michael Anthony Coleman will inform on his own first degree cousin to stay out of jail or prison. All acquaintances or friends beware. He is the real deal. The realest when it comes to snitching and informing to maintain his cocaine addiction. He also sells heroin in his little town to make a buck or two.
posted on Nov 10 2017 10:24:53 AM

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