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Michael Butler

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This fag*** lures men and boys with the use of drugs to fu** his as*. He degrades these men and is racist and lies about them behind there back. Only when he wants di** is he acting so nice and begging. Self absorbed and narcissistic. He uses meth, Heroin, weed, g and anything else. He has hiv and stds he passes on to others. He is a sick lowlife loser and fag***. Has men going in and out of his place all the time and who knows what kind of people they are. Most look so drugged up like the one who comes on his scooter that was so high he crashed it. He is a regular and spunned out and dictated to because of drugs.
Category: Complaint Added: 2018-02-24 00:45:25 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: CA City: Antelope ZIP: 95842

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Prev, Hiv, drugs, child molester


As a bro, he discusses me. He treated me like I had no imtelligence. The guy shots all over and doesn't clean or change linens. Its a prim example of how diseases are passed on is guys like him. He also will tell people you stole from him when he doesn't like something. Yet, when he wants you co** he'll be blowing up the phone. He has his token there with nice as* but he is a waste of a bro. He thinks he is the world. Yeah cause he is getting his little bag or chump change to be controlled like a mother fu***** slave to two white old ducks that talk trash behind his back. He is ducked up as well.
posted on Mar 05 2018 10:30:56 AM

Guys says he's clean but I put it in and sh** on my di** and he then shits and doesn't bother to clean up or nothing. I won't be ever going back there. Man sh** and disease being passed along, yeah I can see it. The dude is filthy and my body started to itch from the beginning when I enter the office/play area. I also question the Carmel dude who is higher than anything and he is just okay with that dirty place and cool with it. Tells you something about him. Fu***** do not go or have anything to do with those guys on morning skye way in antelope, ca
posted on Mar 25 2018 02:13:57 PM

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