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Snitch Subject: Steer clear

Unstable, liar, thief, and SNITCH.
Category: Advice Added: 2018-05-10 02:40:25 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: ID City: Boise

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Steer clear


You're a liar. All I ever did was protect my friends. I may be unstable, but I'm not a liar not a their and damn sure not a snitch. So whoever wrote this is wack. You got problems. Get fuc***.
posted on May 10 2019 06:13:46 PM

Not a fu***** THEIF Whoever wrote this obviously doesn't know me
posted on May 10 2019 06:15:57 PM

You told on Steve Mason in 2014 along with you're rat ex boyfriend Kyle Odom who was a CI who happened to tell on my homie Hunter Lundhal. Also, involved in telling on Steve was your friend Monica Hughes. All three of you told the cops while Steve was OD'ing on heroin that the meth was his and that him and his boyfriend Jason Downing were selling out of that house. Then later that day while Steve's mom was atvthe house the cops were called and you and Kyle tried to say you had a gun and other stuff in the house that Steve kept from you but guess what you were lying as a search found nothing you claimed waa in there. You just wanted in to rob the place. So rat, thief and liar? Check on all three.
posted on Oct 31 2019 11:32:09 AM

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